View Full Version : equivalent for a 1.9 GHz G5?

fnq v much
Apr 25, 2007, 07:44 AM
When/if Apple ring admitting our 17in (13in usable) LCD screen is not going to be replaced anytime soon what can I expect and do I try to bargain for better? Two weeks without has shown us how much our iLife centres on a Digital Hub - Safari, Movies (35GB), iTunes (23GB) - and we need it for work but apart from invoicing and general book keeping our use of Classic is down to negligible now. With 30 days use of Pages I could probably pdf the stuff we need so Intel should be considered, given Australian Store's refurbs range is limited to Power Macs and Powerbooks. Should I expect a new base-model (1.83GHz,512MB, Combo- and Intel, A$1,549) or 2.0GHz,1GB, SuperDrive and ATI, A$1,849, to replace the severely compromised base model (1.9GHz,512MB, Combo- and ATI) we paid A$1,817 for 15 months ago?

May 25, 2007, 05:12 PM
in terms of speed, yeah it'll perform pretty closely. id go for more ram tho, cpu isnt all that important really.. the only thing the imac lacks is expandibility. if u dont care about that, then go for it, its an awesome machine.