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Aug 31, 2007, 07:52 PM
I've started having my first actual problem with my trusty iBook G4 800. Last night someone was sending me a file and I couldn't put it to sleep. I left it on the floor of my room, which worked out great. When I woke up, the transfer was done and I closed it.

Later, I came to the machine to watch a video in iTunes. The volume was muted, as I usually keep it. I tried to turn it up, but the volume just went all the way back down. Odd. I've never had the physical white key on the "Volume Down" button, ever since I bought the machine used. The little silicon nipple thing was there and worked fine for pressing it. That little piece came off when I tried to see if it was stuck. This is where it got kinda bad.

Every time I turned up the volume, it was like the down button was just fully stuck. I could mute it, but it would just un-mute as if I'd pressed the down button. I tried to watch my video, but I obviously couldn't hear it. I tried a restart. Nothing. I tried to remove they keyboard. Also nothing. The only way I could watch my video was to use the menu-bar slider for volume and then unplug the keyboard! All I had was the trackpad to use at that point.

As soon as I plug the keyboard back in, the problem starts up again. It's pretty annoying, considering I enjoy a good iTunes/iMovie/Garageband session, all of which are unusable at this stage.

I don't know if it's a problem with the keyboard or the computer. The iBook is a G4 800 12" with 768MB of RAM, and it's running OS X 10.4.10, fully updated.

Thanks a lot for your help! I don't look forward to putting any money into the machine, hah!

Sep 1, 2007, 11:38 AM
Just an update, sorry for double-posting.

It looks like leaving the keyboard unplugged for several hours helped. I hope that it isn't an intermittent problem, but if it comes back I'll bump this.