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Oct 13, 2007, 02:02 AM
this is going to sound messed up

Either way, my mom found a 4gb nano that was damaged at the bottom of a shipement box at work (she works at a clothing store), and the thing was a bit dented, but a 2nd gen practically brand new. It had 2 songs on there, the default ones i think, almost as if someone dropped it in after they got POed at it or something.

Either way, i got a cable when my macbook was in for service, and before, i showed it, the guy said thing was brand new, not regged, and im better off keeping it. He even offered to sell me a applecare plan on it :p.

Anyway, my macbook (more like crackbook), got fixed, got the cable, have been using it since.

The bottom plate wont stay in because of the dent in the case, so i am looking for another case, and a bud of mine is selling his 4gb or 8gb black nano, modded xbox, and some other stuff to me for 100 bucks, as i wanted another one to mess with.

Anyway, i was fascinated into loading a linux distro on the thing, but i guess the firmware has yet to be cracked on it.

Either way, can i load video on it or something, do any modding, except physical mods?
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Oct 13, 2007, 08:33 AM
No the 2nd gen nanos video card is not good enough.