View Full Version : Should I buy a 12" or wait?

Sep 3, 2003, 10:49 PM
I'm planning on buying a 12" powerbook. I've got it all built and saved on apple.com, but i'm not sure if I should wait or not for Macworld Paris, as I'm not sure if there are much plans for an updated version?

Any insight would be wonderful. Thank you.

PS. I would need it by the end of september, so if there is no chance an updated one would be out by then, please say so. Thanks again.

Sep 3, 2003, 10:57 PM
there is certainly some chance on updates by then

how long is the wait for the current model?

basically, if it's a short wait, i'd wait as long as you can, or at least til after paris...

Sep 3, 2003, 11:08 PM
Absolutely wait until September 16

Sep 4, 2003, 12:29 PM
Originally posted by Chaszmyr
Absolutely wait until September 16

That's all I needed to hear. Thank you.

Sep 4, 2003, 12:57 PM
Just pick a date, stick with it and go for it when it comes. Otherwise you'll end up second guessing yourself into obsolescence. We started looking at Macs about four weeks ago, I found all these useful rumor sites and decided to wait a bit...just to see... then nothing happend but more speculation. That's when we decided to wait one more week and if there was nothing concrete to go pick one up at the apple store. We bought a 12" PB two weeks ago and haven't looked back.

Sep 4, 2003, 02:31 PM
Originally posted by stevil
We bought a 12" PB two weeks ago and haven't looked back.

that's because they haven't been updated yet! ;)

but you make a valid point, as does cr2sh in the 17" powerbook thread...

only problem comes when the updates come. but the fact is, you'll get over it.