View Full Version : ibook going under the knife soon....

Oct 22, 2007, 06:43 PM
So, my logic board is going out. It's doing the classic high speed fan and other issues. Pinch by the track pad and it's great. Anything I should be worried about before sending it in. Applecare ends in jan/2008. I almost put it on ebay to help pay for a macbook. Glad I checked serial numbers before I did. The bottom case has been pulled before. I don't think anything has been actually changed(HD, board, or anything else). I made the first call today and they did the pram and pmu or whatever they are. They said if it happens again to give them a call. So I'm gonna get everything off that I can and then continue to surf around until it happens.

I guess I'm a little worried that they might not warranty it since the bottom case has been off before. Previous owner told me about this, but this was well over a year ago, so I'm confident it had nothing to do with the logic board, but not sure why either.

Any thoughts?