View Full Version : What is the advantage of having larger drives on the apple TV? DVR macmini substitute

Dec 7, 2007, 01:17 PM
What is the advantage of having a larger drive on the :apple:TV? DVR macmini substitute

I don’t see the advantages; it is a streaming hub correct?
Anyone find the onboard storage useful for anything but trivial importance?
Perhaps moving the device to a non networked environment, or on the off chance the network goes down…
Any valid reasons to opt for the larger drive or replace with larger/add external?

Getting one for my mother possibly soon depending on the rumor mill and update information, specifically hoping for DVR capability update, though I don’t know how this would fit into apples marketing strategies at all, but it sure would be nice for the consumer! Throw us a bone apple, please.

Can the DVR functionality be accomplished by a macmini, keeping in mind it must be dead simple to moderately simple, for non tech savvy user, a lot to ask for but hopefully as simple as front row is to use, to simply push a button and have it record?

In this case waiting for a wireless “N” spec macmini update would be the tactic, correct?

Any info or thoughts?

Thanks for the time and insight into the topic.

Dec 7, 2007, 02:16 PM
I use it for sync'd music, video and photos. I want to be able to let the kids watch their stuff without me having to boot the Mac.

I especially like it for parties where my iMac is in the open (in the kitchen) and I don't want people playing with it ,so I leave it off. This way I can put a few playlists on it and let the screen saver display photos.