View Full Version : iPod Touch gets quite hot

Feb 11, 2008, 09:43 AM
After being on for a bit my Touch gets quite warm/hot. I can still easily hold it but its just noticeably warmer. Is this normal?

Feb 11, 2008, 09:44 AM
I do believe so. Mine did when I had it. It's probably just from the backlight / battery usage.

Feb 11, 2008, 09:49 AM
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It's normal with electronic devices. I've been using my touch for half an hour in front of the tv and all I'm noticing is sweaty hands.

Feb 11, 2008, 10:43 AM
mine gets hot too, would this affect processor life?

Feb 11, 2008, 12:33 PM
mine gets hot too, would this affect processor life?

Nah I think it's the processor contributing to this heat

Feb 11, 2008, 12:41 PM
it is electronic and has a metal back, it will get warmer when in use.

Feb 11, 2008, 12:44 PM
I've had mine for a day and as you can imagine I've been putting it through its paces (new toy and all). It warms up a bit, especially towards the bottom, but I can't by any stretch of the imagination call it "hot", just warm. On the other hand, this is all subjective :)

Feb 11, 2008, 05:11 PM
normally mine isnt hot but i noticed when i use an emulator software like gpsphone it will get hot after 15 or 20 minutes

it also gets hot just from holding in the hand too

dont worry

Jan 21, 2009, 06:37 PM
:mad:hey this happened to me and while it was charging and it just shut down and never started up again

Jan 22, 2009, 12:12 AM
i recently got my touch and thought the same thing.
even made a thread.

Feb 27, 2010, 04:35 PM
my ipod gets pretty warm at the lower backside when I play Final Fantasy 1
out of zelf protection it shuts te app down and I see my iPod menu...
I really hope this is not very bad for my iPod...
but it's pretty annoying when it shuts down and my game wasn't saved...
so does anyone know if this is detrimental to my iPod?

(sorry I don't have an answer to the forum question...:rolleyes:)

grtz TJ