View Full Version : Use this paint to touch up the scratches on your TiBook palm rests

Feb 11, 2008, 03:05 PM
So I've got a Tibook with the same scuffs that everyone else has - the spots where the paint has chipped or worn off the edges (not the middle of the laptop, the edge), leaving an ugly black plastic area underneath. Well, I got sick of that and decided to take my powerbook to Hungates hobbies/crafts store... they must have thought I was crazy holding up the powerbook against all the colored model airplane paint bottles...

Here's what I got, and here's what I think of it. I used a can of Testors Model Master light gray FS36495, it was about $3. Ok - the results: it's not perfect, I can tell that I painted my laptop. In bright sunlight it's a shade too light and slightly less metallic than the paint on the palm rest edge. When the light hits at a 45 degree angle it's noticeable that the paint doesn't match.

Does it look better overall? Absolutely! I imagine most people in my class noticed the black wear/tear marks a lot more than they'd ever notice the paint. There were about 100 different colors at the hobby store and this was the closest one.

So - do this at your own risk, but if given the opportunity to do it again, I would.