View Full Version : non-zero refcount error in new iPhone SDK?

Mar 30, 2008, 10:46 PM
Has anyone else been getting these errors in the console when running Xcode from Beta 2?
3/30/08 11:47:05 PM Xcode[123] Unable to load platform at path /Developer/Platforms/Aspen.platform
3/30/08 11:47:06 PM Xcode[123] LCC Scroll Enhancer loaded
3/30/08 11:47:06 PM [0x0-0x19019].com.apple.Xcode[123] Xcode(123,0xb0103000) malloc: free_garbage: garbage ptr = 0x2b405a0, has non-zero refcount = 1
3/30/08 11:47:06 PM [0x0-0x19019].com.apple.Xcode[123] Xcode(123,0xb0103000) malloc: free_garbage: garbage ptr = 0x2b71810, has non-zero refcount = 1 The non-zero refcount error then repeats itself a few times. I had assumed it was my program, but I created a new one from the template and ran that and received the same error. Perhaps it's the trying to load Aspen part, though I don't know why it's trying to load Aspen in the new SDK. Could be a manual setting?

After awhile, I get this dreaded 10810 message.

Apr 8, 2008, 11:27 AM
Yea, I've been having the same problems (only after installing the iPhone SDK). It's a pretty widespread issue, but I don't think Apple has released any statements on the matter.

I know it's Beta software and all, but there's no way that a Beta being released *to the public* for free download should cripple an entire operating system. :rolleyes:

Apr 8, 2008, 11:37 AM
I think those are more memory management-related errors and messages in the beta 3.1 version of XCode that issues related to any applications specifically. Seems to be stuff generated by the garbage collector.