View Full Version : Colorware Questions

Mar 7, 2004, 04:21 PM
I've been wanting to get an iPod (and now, quite probably, the iPod mini) for a while; but I am too in love with the color purple :D
Then I saw colorware ( http://www.colorwarepc.com ) on a TechTV ScreenSavers episode and squeeled with joy - and when I heard minis come in colors I was equally excited... but...
Minis don't have any 'dark and cool' colors, they're all powdery/bright/pastel, so I went back to looking at Colorware. They have 2 'stock' purples: Mystique and Prowler. Prowler is too -- dark/plumb(?) colored. Mystique seems too - bright. I don't want this to attract a lot of attention by glaring its color into peoples retina (especially as I have a penchant for wearing black dress-shirts and jeans)
Has anyone got (or seen a friends) Colorware in these colors? They have good reviews from TTV but have there been any bad experiences? And yes; I know I can 'submit a design' but what I want is a flat color and the price is WAYYYYY too high for that compared to stock colors.

(BTW: Here's a good reference for the purple I'm after: http://www.msc.uky.edu/help/Templates/backgrounds/7.jpg )

PS: I've heard I can suggest things like new colors to apple; but I'm depressed since I know it won't come out in the next month or two more than likely :( -- but can anyone give me the URL to that if it does exist?