View Full Version : Problem Manually Installing app

Feb 20, 2009, 02:34 AM
I am trying to manually install my simple app..and trying to get it worked...but it doesn't...on launch it just gets killed...
got tips from following link...

i am in similar situation since last five days..not able to properly start my app on iPod Touch...

In one of the statements --> "
And ensure you have "Any iPhone OS Device" under the "Code Signing Provisional Profile" but this time select "Default Provisioning Profile for Code Signing Identity" "

No where i could find "Code Signing Provisional Profile" in xcode...i am using xcode 3.1.2

The things that i have done are :

--> deleted all files/folders present in build folder of the project directory
--> selected Active SDK as "Device iPhone OS 2.2"
--> selected Active Configuration as "Release"
--> selected "Any iPhone OS device" in code signing identity and kept value as empty...
--> couldn't find "Code Signing Provisional Profile"...so skipped this step....(where can i find it?)
--> went to Build in Toolbar and clicked "Build"
--> got "code sign error....."
--> so, selected Active SDK as "Device iPhone OS 2.1"
--> in build/Release-iphoneos got HelloWorld.app
--> Transferred HelloWorld.app to iPod's "Applications" folder
--> logged in using userid as "root" and password as "alpine"
--> executed "ldid -S /Applications/HelloWorld.app/HelloWorld"
--> when i execute the command there is no response as such on console...as below...

Amal's iPod:~ root# ldid -S /Applications/HelloWorld.app/HelloWorld
Amal's iPod:~ root#

--> then "exit" the terminal
--> Restarted iPod Touch...
--> saw HelloWorld on the springboard
--> tapped on the icon..and bang...it got killed after start..
--> Though i fake signed the app as above....still to no use..

What am i missing?