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May 6, 2004, 07:28 PM

I have a dual 2GHZ G5 and about a week ago my ipod stopped connecting to my computer, but it would still power it. I thought something was wrong with my ipod, but after some troubleshooting I realized both of my firewire ports are dead because my firewire hard drive will not connect to either port either. I plan on bringing my computer into an apple store tomorrow, but I was just wondering if anyone else has had these problems and if so what the solution was.

THanks in advance


May 6, 2004, 09:14 PM
I haven't had exactly what you seem to have, but forgive me as use this thread to vent my frustartion with the following:

Firewire: In my case, I can plug in my iPod once, but if I unplug and re-plug, I have to restart the computer for it to see the iPod.

USB 2.0: If the comp sleeps with my external hard drive on, the finder freezes when it wakes up and I try to do anything with the external hard drive. This forces me to use the power button to shut down, a method that I thought was reserved for PCs!!!!!!!!! I also encountered my first system-wide freeze. Everything ceased functioning....That experience is why I switched from PCs!!:mad: (and I'll never go back:D )

Smartmedia: Thirdly, my smartmedia devices aren't read by 10.3.3 unless I turn on the computer with them alread plugged in.

In short, this version of OS X seems to have many troubles with periperals...

May 7, 2004, 07:17 PM
We had this firewire problem happen with one of the G4DP867 machines running 10.2 and it was fixed by repairing permissions. It wasn't a hardware problem but actually software.
In OSX it seems that a lot of mysterious problems are just as mysteriously fixed when you repair permissions.