View Full Version : Airport Express - Help

Aug 2, 2004, 12:35 AM
Just taken delivery of two Airport Express. One simply doesn't work so back to the store for a replacement. However, I am having problems with the other and need your help. I am a Mac newbie so go easy on me!

I want one AE to support wireless printing and the other to stream iTunes to the living room hi-fi. When I plug the AE into the socket next to either the printer or hi-fi the LED flashes yellow and - except for the odd greeen light that lasts a second or two - doesn't change. Both sockets are withn easy range of the Mac (G4 with Airport Extreme card) with the printer in the same room so there should be no distance problems.

When I use AE assistant I cannot set up the device. However when I go to the Airport icon on the top menu bar it recognises a new network and I can select it but still the AE assistant does not work.

Clearly one of my major problems (apart from not being a techie) is that I do not get a permanent green LED on the AE. Anyone had this problem or can assist?