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Apr 8, 2010, 09:14 AM
Ok, just to prep, here is my setup:

Buffalo Quadstation 6TB NAS, Wired into an Airport Extreme. Also Wired in the Airport Extreme is my Xbox 360. I can stream my videos to my Xbox no problem, but I want to get them into the bedroom, wirelessly. I found an item on dlink's site, but it says its used with Win Mediacenter, which I dont want to use. Currently, I am using the first gen Western Digital HD Media Streamer, which as no network connectivity, as it pulls the media from a USB Hard drive.

The new version of this device has an ethernet port, but no wireless. I was thinking of using a wireless bridge (linksys) that I have lying around, but im worried about the performance (as It is only a G bridge) and Im wondering if i should try to find a device that works with N for best performance.

Basically here is what I want:
A device that has built-in N Wireless, and has these hook ups on the back:
Regular RCA (Red/Yello/White)

The TV in my bedroom right now is not HD (Which is why I need the R/Y/W connectors, but I plan to upgrade in the future, so I want one with HDMI for that at a later date.

I dont want it to require anything other than the connection to my NAS, as I want to be able to just browse to my media folder on the nas, and see all my media as I have it arranged in there in a nice neat folder structure: TV/Show/Season/Episodes.

Apr 8, 2010, 10:02 AM
I have a Buffallo Linstation Live Pro (it's awesome). Is the stuff on the NAS, from the Apple store or not. If it's from the Apple store, than the best solution is a hacked Apple TV. You will require the hack to mount the NAS (if you don't want to copy everything to the Apple TV). If it's not iTunes DRM stuff, than a hacked Apple TV is still a a great way to go. Or you might consider a WD TV Live, or a box by Popcorn(?). The WD device doesn't have WiFi out of the box, but it can be added (there is a very robust WD community, and they have managed all sorts of things). Being an Apple guy, I went with the Apple TV. I have a wired setup and it works wonderfully. With a WiFi setup your mileage might vary.

'hope that helps


I went with PatchStick - they're Canadian, like me!

Apr 8, 2010, 10:08 AM
Nope, not from appl store. Mostly DivX stuff, and a few Mp4s here and there. I think i found the solution though, Either the WD Live + Airport Express, or a second used Xbox and use the Dual Band N Wireless component for the 360 (which I already have, for travelling) I could probably get a used 360 for like $100.