View Full Version : eMac monitor flickers

Nov 26, 2004, 11:44 AM
Hi all,

My eMac monitor intermittently flickers, and I can't find the reason. I assume there is something interfering with it. such as another electrical device. I have a printer, but moved it away. I have a lamp, but it's off and never interfered with the eMac before.

Is there anything else that could cause this? When I started writing this post, it was flickering. Now it's not. There, it just started again.


PS The resolution is at 1152 x 864, with a refresh rate of 80 (the only available setting at this resolution.)

Nov 26, 2004, 11:11 PM
I had the same problem with my eMac. I called Apple and they couldn't help me. Then somebody suggested that the problem might be my electricity outlet. I bought one of those power surge protectors and have not had a single problem since. I thought meybe this will be helpful to you. :D

Nov 26, 2004, 11:47 PM
Can you see if it times with an event, like somebody turning on something? I know when running an electric iron, every-time the iron starts to heat up (even after being on for a while) it will draw sufficient power to dim the lights.

Nov 27, 2004, 12:24 AM
It's probably the speakers. My eMac gets all weird and flickery when I play music and such. Somehow they were designed with the speakers too close to the monitor or something. You know what magnets do to CRTs.

Nov 27, 2004, 04:39 PM
Thanks for the advice all, I found the problem!

Believe it or not, the oven was on (my wife was baking cookies) and I am pretty sure it was causing the interference (my eMac is on the kitchen counter, a foot or 2 away from the oven.) I turned it off, and the flicker stopped immediately.

I also notice the flicker sometimes when playing music, but this one was strange because that was the first thing I stopped.

Haven't noticed any flicker since then...