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1: Suspense: a state or feeling of excited or anxious uncertainty about what may happen
2: Mood: The atmosphere or predating tone of something
3: Foreshadowing: be a warning or indication
4: Irony: A difference between what is expected, and what actually occurs
5: Protagonist: The main character who goes through the most conflicts
6: Antagonist: The character in the story who deceives, frustrates, or works against the main character
7: Sequence: a timeline that shows the important events throughout the story
8: Exposition: The opening information in a literary piece
9: Complication: A series of difficulties forming the central action in a narrative
10: Conflict: a struggle between two opposing forces or characters in a short story
11: Rising Action: The events in a story that lead up to a turning point later in the story
12: Climax: The point of greatest emotional intensity, interest, or suspense in a narrative
13: Falling Action: All of the action in a story that follows the climax
14: Major: The primary character/s
15: Minor: The secondary character/s
16: Characters: Persons-or animals, things, or natural forces presented as a person
17: Setting: The time and place of action in a book
18: Plot: The sequence of events or happenings in a literary work
19: Denouement: The final part of a literary work
20: Figurative Language: Language that is not intended to be taken in a literal sense
21: Metaphor: a comparison between two unlike things with the intent of giving added meaning to one of them
22: Simile: a comparison made between two dissimilar things through the use of a specific word of comparison such as like, as. than, or resembles
23: Personification: Attributing human characteristics to something that is nonhuman
24: Connotation: the feeling that you get from a word
25: Denotation: the dictionary definition
26: Oxymoron: two contradictory words-
Example: Civil War
27: Pathetic fallacy: the author uses something in NATURE to foreshadow what will happen
28: Symbol: a symbol is a word or object that stands for another word or object
29: Imagery: A common term of variable meaning, imagery includes the "mental pictures" that readers experience with a passage of literature
30: Genre: Type or writing
Types: 1) Nonfiction
Short Stories
31: Title: the name of the book composition, or other type of work
32: Paraphrase: summing up what the written piece means in your own words.
33: Attitude: a complex meaning of a written piece.
34: Shifts: a change in a written piece
35: Speaker: Who is talking
36: Tone: Look at the title again after reading the poem and describe what new insight it gives about the meaning of it.
37: Theme: Summing up in a few words what the subject is of the poem
Analyze a poem by remembering
T: Title
P: Paraphrase
C: Connotation
A: Attitude
S: Shifts
S: Speaker
T: Tone
T: Theme
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