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Old Jul 3, 2007, 09:28 AM   #151
Yankees 4 Life
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one thing i have noticed, is that the keyboard gets slower when the page is loading, and the phone gets kinda warm sometimes...

oh, and there should be ichat soon... please?
That thing is the most expensive phone out there! $599 for a phone? It won’t even sell enough to break even!-Steve Balmer
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Originally Posted by ElenaM19 View Post
The iPhone is amazing. Jobs is right; the bar has been officially raised. I've had two smartphones, the Palm 700p and the Motorola Q. To say that these two devices pale in comparison is a huge understatement. I expected the Edge network to be so slow, but I really don't think it is slower than using the Palm or Windows Mobile internet options. Both of those were frustrating and slow and the result was a tiny little window that barely made it worth having. Safari on the iPhone with Edge service is a huge improvement. With WiFi, it blows them away. I love the iPhone and I'm glad I decided to jump in right away. Worth every penny.
I totally agree!!
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Old Jul 3, 2007, 12:14 PM   #153
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Originally Posted by Transeau View Post
... Still loving my HTC 8525. Pulling 900k~1.3mb on the train home right now. I'm sure all the iPhone lovers are loving the Edge only support. Maybe Steve didn't realize that all the WiFi Hotspots don't cover the Metro lines.

Anyway, I wouldn't mind having one, but it would not my be main phone. I enjoy my 3G HSDPA too much.
I think "Steve" knows that the future is wifi, and 3G, which is blazingly slow and power hungry, is an unfortunate middle step that must be dealt with.
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Originally Posted by nacengineer View Post
Not sure how you downloaded a file. Everytime I try it just says that Safari will not let you do this... so no blackhole here... but it will be nice when/if they add this functionality in the future. Although at 8GB... not sure what that does for maxing out the HDD.

one way to fix this would be to have your downloaded files go straight to your .mac account and have a .mac file viewer in that last row of iapps. That would work well for me.
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Smile My Two Cents

I'm very happy with my iPhone! It is simple to use, visually appealing, and a huge step forward. I'm looking forward to future software updates. I'm sure they will fix the kinks. So far, Safari has failed the most. However, I had a few other features fail as well. But these are minor annoyances. In the end, it is still a great device and I'm very pleased!

The screen is so pretty I had to go through my photo library and make some iPhone specific wallpaper. Here's a link the the Wallpaper:

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Old Jul 5, 2007, 08:34 PM   #156
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Very happy with my iPhone

Love the ease of features
Love the weather option
Love the feel/look
Love the keyboard

Dislike battery life
Dislike Edge speed
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Originally Posted by OrleansMac View Post
Dislike battery life
Dislike Edge speed
Can't speak to your EDGE speed, as it's different in all areas. I'm in NYC and I have to say that with some rare exceptions, EDGE really zips for me? My email is virtually instant (maybe 3 or 4 seconds?) and web browsing is reasonably quick all things considered. Just stay away from really graphicand script-heavy pages like ESPN.com.

As for the battery life though, I've done some tinkering and found there are two things that really effect the battery a LOT: brightness and the camera. If you keep the screen brightness down very low whenever possible it does wonders for battery life. The camera, as would be expected, really eats the battery too. I have the phone in and out of WiFi all day, check email every 15, and constantly text msg and all the rest, and by keeping the brightness low I've been able to use the phone for almost 3 full days without a charge. Pretty awesome for such a complex device!
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Old Jul 6, 2007, 08:15 PM   #158
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Talking On my second iphone and it's only been out a week.

After several days of iphone bliss, I was sadly disappointed when, on the 4th of July, I noticed I couldn't insert any numbers or use the spacebar or the return key along the bottom of the virtual keyboard when in portrait mode. Landscape use was fine. But since you can't use landscape mode in emails, it was very frustrating. I could use the buttons along the bottom when using ipod and could even press the "write mail" icon at the very bottom, but something would not let me use the spacebar in mail or safari(in portrait mode.) I signed up for a slot at the Apple genius bar at my local Apple store. The Apple genius took my iphone to the back of the Apple store. I was then told it would take about 10 minutes and that they might have to erase my data in order to restore functionality. After about 10 minutes, a different Apple genius came out and asked me-quietly, i might add- if it would be OK if they replaced my iphone. I told them that was no problem. They said that my purchase date would be today's date and they also let me activate the phone right there in the store. So far, everything is working just fine-just as it did with my original iphone during the first 5 days. Here's hoping I won't need to return to the store anytime soon.
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I may be crazy but my iPhone has been checking for updates everyday. All of a sudden the next update is 7/15/07 do you think it's possible apple will be releasing an update that day?
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Old Jul 8, 2007, 05:59 PM   #160
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Go-Figure, the update is planned for days after the return policy expires...nice!
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Originally Posted by MrCrowbar View Post
Does anyone know if you can change the language on the iPhone? Does the leyboard layout change if you select spanish as the default language?
The current iPhone input and user interface is English only. However you can find a workaround for sending email in Spanish and a number of other languages here:


It would not be that hard to add Dvorak to that.
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