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05.19.03 it all changes

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by britboy, May 14, 2003.

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    Looks like more "Matrix" hype. Or maybe they're just copying it. Whatever it is, it's pompous and pretentious.
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    It looks like gromacs is the streaming word in the film.... but i could just be seeing things.
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    I somehow doubt that it's anything directly linked to the matrix. 'Reloaded' comes out in the states tomorrow (the 15th), whereas the date from stanford's banner is the 19th.

    Someone's probably just having some fun and was allowed a bit of leeway when designing this.
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    I hope you are right, i really am not interesting in making a trip through the country to install everywhere a new client.:( But sooner or later it s what s gonna happen.
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    what a waste of time
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    sorry if i sound stupid by saying this, but i don't get it. i understand it has something to do with the matrix, but i don't get the rest. why is 19th?
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    it's for folding. a similar banner is on my individual folding stats page.

    plus, you can see folding@home in the flash thingy linked to in the first post.

    so i'm guessing it's a folding software release for that date.
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    ok thanks for clearing that up.:D
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    We already have gromacs via -advmethods, so I'm not sure this is gromacs related...
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    All of them are gromac?

    Or maybe they acually made the code better, maybe folding update?

    I doubt its folding v3...

    BTW, bigger= better.
    You can see gromac in there.
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    True, they are not all gromacs. They are randomly assigned.

    Actually, it would be v4, wouldn't it?
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    what are gromacs?
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    Gromacs is a diiferent core from the standard (Tinker) one that is used by the F@H clients.

    It is supposed to enable Altivec processing on Mac clients.

    There's quite a bit of discussion about it here.
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    oi. i should get that for my pmac. thanks for the link.
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    True, you *can* access gromacs, but it requires a little twiddling. Perhaps the 19.5 release will bring it to everyone else, who perhaps isn't quite as comfortable in terminal.

    Or perhaps what you currently get is a beta test, and we're about to see the final released? Whatever though, it'll be nice if this really does bring more power :)
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    Absolutely. My interest is definitely piqued...
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    Mr. Anderson

    I'm thinking its the gromac 2

    key words in the animation



    Looks like an update using the Matrix reference due to timeliness of the new movie release.

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    So basically folding will get Altivec support?

    Well that's good. :)
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    You missed a couple of important letters:


    So definitely optimized for PCs (at least)...
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    okay, it's 5.19.03. where's my new happy?
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    Re: Re: and?

    "the long awaited sequel is finally here."

    uhhhh... is it?

    i found this faq

    that's good, but i'm not sure how to check to see if i've got it, or if i'm even supposed to have it now. hm.
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    Check your FAHlog.txt and see if you've got "Folding@home Gromacs Core" at the top of the current WU.
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    [04:50:30] Folding@Home Client Core Version 2.47 (June 14, 2002)

    doesn't look like it. but it d/loaded version 3.25 about half an hour ago. it was 3.24. dunno if that makes a difference.

    oh, and i'm running GUI client. don't know if _that_ makes a difference.

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