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iPad mini $1.99 eBay back case info thread

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Cptnodegard, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Cptnodegard, Jan 28, 2013
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    Ever since I posted about this case the first time it's been spreading around different threads, so I thought I would dedicate a thread to it.

    eBay has a lot of sellers with a lot of cheap cases. Some are good, some are bad. I've ordered a range of them, but the one that's been by far the best is this:

    • Smart Cover compatible
    • Locking system to keep the Smart Cover to the iPad (i.e. overrides magnetic detaching)
    • Rubberized texture back
    • Cutouts for all ports and buttons
    • Side-gripping design: Some cases attach at the corners, this one attaches on the sides. This makes it easier to take the case off, however doesn't protect the corners as well (though they're still protected quite a bit)
    • Translucent and solid color versions

    All of that for $2, free shipping.

    Several people have ordered these after I posted about it, and they're starting to arrive, so hopefully we can start getting some images of various colors.

    Below are some images of mine.

    Note: I have modified mine with magnets embedded in the back in order for the back case to "grab" the Smart Cover when folded around back, and the images show this modified version.

    Look for 5x1mm magnets on eBay if you want to do this mod yourself

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    Thanks for this. I'd post pics of mine when it shows up, but I got black. :)
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    Looks great! It's deals like these that really make me debate getting a back cover for mine...
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    The first 3 pictures compare the gray and the clear white - the last 2 I threw in the black (which has no transparency). I prefer the gray/smoke the best as I like being able to see the logo through the back and I think its a really good match with the gray smart cover.

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    Heres 2 more.. the pics aren't great but you can really see the color difference in these, Gray to white and gray to black..

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    I ordered the black and the white transparent cases last night. Thanks for the thorough review. It seems like such a great value.
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    Frosted and red cases arrived today, together with a handful of black ones.



    Note: I do not have a red Smart Cover, so I cannot comment on the color

    One of the frosted cases was bent a bit around the volume button cutout, likely from shipping. I advise anyone buying these to buy a few- even if they're identical- to avoid having a single bent case arrive. You can buy a lifetime supply of these for the cost of a CoverBuddy, which IMO is an inferior case in a one-on-one comparison, so buying 2-3 of this to make sure shipping doesn't screw it up is still a good deal.
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    Clear, Black and Gray are currently out of stock. I think they may have been MacRumored. :)
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    If anyone really needs black or clear (white) they can have mine.. I'm not using them..I'm really liking the gray.
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    Yeah, after reading your thoughts on the gray, that's what I was trying to order.
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    Ipad mini back cover

    I have looked at this on eBay.com. It says on type shipping section that the company does not ship to the uk. How did any of you who have purchased get the item delivered?
    Thanks in anticipation
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    EDIT* Ahh, never mind. UK is listed under the exclusions.
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    Are you pleased with this back cover. I would like a clear cover, only prob is that this item is not sold in the uk. Would you be prepared to send it over to me or if not send it to a friend of mine in the us. I would be most grateful as I am not using my ipad much as I don't want to lug in around and get the back damaged
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    The eBay seller ships worldwide for free...
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    Shoot me a PM. If you have someone in the US I could send it to I'd be glad to drop it in the mail just let me know the address. If you want me to send it to the UK I would if you cover they shipping costs.
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    I should have ordered the grey. I thought the black was transparent also. Guess I'll have to wait till they get back in stock, and order another.
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    Cover buddy is better than this no?
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    That depends on what you're looking for. With this one, the cutouts have been reported being better and the Smart Cover is locked on. And you can't miss that it's only 1.99 shipped and available in more colors than the CoverBuddy.

    I've used the CoverBuddy and it's a great cover, but SwitchEasy definitely has some competition with this one getting such great reviews for the price.

    If this one didn't lock on the SC, it would be my perfect case. I've got one on order but I haven't received it yet. I bought it since it was so cheap so I could check it out.
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    I have a CoverBuddy and absolutely hate it. I ordered "ultrablack", what I got was translucent gray. They didn't ship the wrong thing, that's simply what their idea of "ultrablack" is. Several of the cutouts were misaligned, there was some noticeable play around where it snaps on (e.g. wasn't a perfect fit), the speaker grill muffles the sound a bit, and it doesn't have a rubberized back like I thought it would. Finally, I hate the pass-through buttons on that thing; look like cheap plastic you're supposed to break off from a model kit, and serve no real purpose IMHO (you really need to aim well to land an iPad on buttons recessed inside a plastic case cutout)
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    I tested out removing the "lock" with one of my spare cases. Took me two minutes, case still clips on perfectly, and the Smart Cover is no longer locked :)
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    The grey coverbuddy I have is a perfect fit and all of the cutouts are aligned. The only difference I see is the price and colors. Any reason to switch from a coverbuddy to one of these?
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    Yup, the CoverBuddy is great (been using for close to 2 weeks). Switch if you prefer your Smart Cover to be locked on :)

    Currently still waiting for my purchase to arrive :(
  23. HazyCloud, Feb 7, 2013
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    No, not since you already have a CoverBuddy. That is unless you want your Smart Cover locked on like the above poster said.

    How did you remove it? I'd be afraid of making it look like crap. Of course for only 1.99 I could try it on a few of them until I got it right.
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    Chopped it off with a Dremel cutting disc :)
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    Yep, that's what I figured. Did it turn out well?

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