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10.7.4 update anyone else having issues not being able to boot after install ?

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by barrahlad, May 10, 2012.

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    after i updated and was asked to restart , my mbp failed to boot
    i got black screen with
    "please insert boot disk "

    has any one else got this problem after they update to 10.7.4 ?

    please help:mad::mad::mad::mad:
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    I used the apple update link and no issues. It took a short period of time only. Rebooting went well. I do have a cable modem with 20 mb download speed. Wonder if the download to your system got corrupted some how. Can you try again ?

    What system do you have ?

    What iOS was originally installed on that system ?
  3. Mal
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    Do you have a BootCamp partition? Sounds like it's trying to boot from that, because you'll never see a black screen like that when booting a Mac otherwise.

    Try holding Option at startup and see if you can choose to boot from your Mac partition from there.

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    I just updated my Macbook Pro 13 inch early 2011 yesterday and im shocked at how snappy it is now. I bought a refurbished mbp a few weeks ago 4gb of ram and everything was pretty much laggy and slow. Preview and iphoto took forever to load and safari constantly froze and lagged out so i switched to chrome. After this update i dont have any problems. Before i used to have to force quit if i had itunes and chrome opened at the same time, now i can run anything i want with no lag at all:eek::eek:! :D


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    i was running on 10.7.3 os x lion before i updated
    I have MBP 15" late 2011 just bought it in january 2012
    No bootcamp partition drive
    20mb download speed

    and just downloaded and installed 10.7.4 combo from apple site

    and still getting black screen please insert boot disk when i turn on my MBP

    I've done option key at chime and can boot into lion now

    but does that mean every time i turn my mac off, i have to use option key to start up every time ?

    new to macs I'm a converted newbe :)
    being loving the MBP till i updated :(
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    hmm, maybe I should wait for some days before update
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    Just updated iMac (2012) and MBP (late 2011), no issues.
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    I just did my 2011 13" MBA, and like you I experienced a great result.

    Fortunately I have a fast broadband feed, and it was a very fast and easy upgrade.
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    I just updated my 2010 MBP. No issues. It booted just fine after the update and seems a bit snappier at first use.
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    Bootcamp Issues

    I encountered a similar issue. After upgrading to 10.7.4, my Bootcamp partition won't load. (It loads, as the poster above described, to a black screen, where it freezes.) I talked to another user on Twitter who experienced the same issue; although, he was able to boot from Parallels. I hope Apple takes note of this and issues a fix soon, as this could be a big problem for a lot of users.
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    Open System Preferences > Startup Disk and choose your Lion partition and it will keep it as default.
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    Mr. Retrofire

    10.7.4 updates probably the partition layout. I think you can repair it with a 64-Bit Windows 7 boot-DVD. 64-Bit Windows 7 supports GPTs.

    Read the
    "Using the Automated Startup Repair"
    part in

    This helped me on a mixed Windows 7/Linux installation (Linux modified the partitions), so it helps probably if you have Windows/Mac OS X boot loader problems.
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    your advice worked perfect thanks so much started up straight away :)

    thanks purrball

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