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10 Week Wait

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Wardofsky, Jan 9, 2003.

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    Naturally I want to get one of the new PB's (The 12inch one) but, here in Australia(No puns please), there is a 10 week(!) wait until they are here, and then a 2-4 build time.
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    A bit off topic, but funny how your first name is spelt. I thought that in English speaking countries it was spelt Edward.

    Anyway, back to the subject, 10 week is a looooong time. I feel for you. Especially when it is more than likely that they will be made in Taiwan or something, which would make it closer to you than to the US or Europe...

    Patience, patience...

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    My Name

    I believe my name is French.
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    Re: My Name

    You are absolutely right (I am French and my bro's name is spelt like yours).

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    Yea i'm in Australia too and i want to get a 17".
    I'm going to singapore in about a month, hopefuly they'll have them there by then, fingers crossed.

    I'm in melbourne too, what suburb are you in? I'm in Sandringham =)
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    Waiting for a Book

    Hey, I can relate to the guy Down Under. I called an Apple reseller here in Korea yesterday. They had both of the new PowerBooks listed on their site. Asked them about the 12-incher and they said 2 months. (I could've sworn Steve said 2 weeks.)

    When I asked them about the superdrive-equipped one, they estimated it to be about $350 more! Ouch. (Could've sworn Steve said $200.) I hope they were just ill-informed. I might have to go for an eMac.
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    The new metal

    I wonder what the new metal (Can't remeber the name) would feel, look, taste (Whoops, I uhh, wasn't meant to say that out loud), was one of the reasons of changing the metal for better reception, but then again they did put the anteneas visibly on the screen.
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    Did you find out from a reseller re: the timeframe?

    Actually that's probably not a bad thing for me. Gives me time to actually save up cash for it instead of putting it on the credit card!! I might call one of the local applecentres to confirm that it's going to take @)#*$)#@( ages. Also I guess it forces me to wait until proper reviews of the machines come out.

    Honestly, how long does it take to ship them? Aren't they all built in Taiwan or something anyway?
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    I got the timeframe from the apple.com.au store order sheet.

    For some wierd reason the Singapore store site does not have the new PBs yet, but it has an image of the 17" and 'coming soon' on the side, wtf?!
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    My Superb Suberb

    I am in the humble Middle Park, if you don't know where that is, it's next to Albert Park (The Grand Prick ;-)


    I think the 17's are cool but a bit too big for my liking, however it has some of the coolest features that a notebook could offer (The keyboard, speakers, the biggest laptop screen...).

    I like the 12's because it would be easy enough to carry around the place in my backpack.
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    I know a "friend" in one of the Apple Authorized Reseller stores, he said about a 10 week wait until they get them in.
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    D'oh, as they say in the classics.

    Nevermind. I don't have the money now anyway (though it's a close call that I might have slapped it on the credit card anyway, if it was available today ;))
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    Hmmm.. i just called a place in Sydney, and they said they were expecting deliveries late Jan, early feb. That's very different to ten weeks! Might call a few more places and see if the stories match ;-)
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    Well, I was told 10 weeks, but then again, the iMacs coming in were unpredictable so, who knows...
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    hmmmm ....

    low stock (none)
    very hard to get
    long wait

    based on previous asumptions (15" imacs) that means that we are going to see an update of the powerbooks sometime soon. :)

    oh well it is a rumor site :D
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    just ask anyone who works in an Apple dealership about Apple Australias stock control and delivery systems - the words pissup brewery and organise are bound to crop up!

    BTW - I'm in Moorabbin
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    The metal They used is Aluminum, John Ive said that it's actually "aircraft grade anodized aluminum" ...it's supposed to be really light...
    The old TiBooks were really easily scratched and the paint chipped all the time, so they made it out of a stronger metal...I guess it helps for reception also...
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    Anybody know how long til we can expect to see the 12" for sale is the US?
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    as you can see, I'm buying my 12" powerbook tomorrow

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