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100 WU done! Finally!

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by Tomasz, Feb 23, 2003.

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    Well, I would just like to say that I am very happy. :) It has taken forever, but I have finally completed 100 wu on folding.

    I feel like I am actually contributing, and feel good about it. (I would have done more, but sadly, I have had many faulty work units.... which occur at around frame 399/400... grrr.. :( but that's another story).

    Well, I just wanted to share my joy. And here's to a hundred more....

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    Congrats! I'm still cranking out my first. Damn cube! :D
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    Congrats, Tomasz!

    We're thankful for everyone who contributes to the effort. :)
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    Re: 100 WU done! Finally!

    you're headed 4 the top 10 you should be proud. you may not have a large percentage of the total team WU, but put with all the other people doing the same thing you guys make a huge difference.
    coulda, woulda, shoulda...i have many horror stories too. i wish i could get those WU back. but patience and perserverance pays off.

    kudos Tomasz 4 all ur help. team MR thanks you. :)
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    Good job!

    I just started today. I threw F@H on 2 computers at home, and 2 at work. I hope to build my way up fast. I want our team to win (if there really is such a thing). Anyways, congrats!;)
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    Re: Good job!

    can't really win, but it would be nice to be the top mac team.

    thanks 4 ur generous contribution. :)
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    Mr. Anderson

    Well, congrats - I'm hoping to follow you soon, just got the dual 1.25 up and going. Hope it works....thanks for the scripts mc68k!

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    Congratulations and thanks for contributing!

    It's great to see more people taking the effort.

    Now, if we had a few hundred people using their dual processor machines, we'd make a bigger dent. :)
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    Congrats on getting 100.

    I guess I should switch over the MacRumors team.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Who are you with now and how many Work Units have you done?

    And you should switch! :D

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    I have been folding with Team Mac OS X, because at the time I started, that was one of the few Mac teams I saw on the stats page. Just got back to folding a few weeks back, after about half a year or so of neglecting to install the client again.

    Once I finish the unit I'm on now, I'll change the team number over.
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    Mr. Anderson

    WooHoo! Another folding member....

    But its not like Team Mac OSX needs anymore members, they're ranked 25th with about twice as many points as MacRumors. With over 700 members, they won't miss you. Thanks for helping the underdog! :D

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    Another newbie to the team here with a couple of newbie questions...

    Is a work unit when you complete a protein (100%)?

    I installed the GUI version late Monday night 02/24 and I am at 45.3% today. The dialogue window is telling me
    and has said so since the beginning. Is all well here?

    Only to 45% after 36 hours - is that slow? I have a MDD867.

    Finally, can I stop it and resume without loosing ground? I have a 512 from Crucial being delivered this afternoon:D and I will have to shut down to install it. I don't want to screw my protein up.

    Anyhow, thanks in advance.
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    One last (I know, I know)-


    I just read in another area about your dual processor script. I am interested in using that rather than my GUI. Should I delete it or just install from your scripts and not run GUI any more? Will I loose credit if I delete now?

    Yes, I am painfully new.

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    After a unit has begun processing, can you change the team number before it is submitted, or will it have to wait for the next unit?
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    cool. :)

    yes, you will lose credit if you quit now. just wait until it's finished since you're so far along.

    ha, werent we all once? :)
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    the only time it checks team info is when it sends it in, so yes you can change it.
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    Team # is now set to 3446. Currently at 2% on the first unit.
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    no its not, mines been on none stop for a week and 2 days and i'm only on 55%. though i have an antique machine.

    you can restart you compyuter and it saves from where it left off
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    Thanks everyone for the quick and informative replies. And thanks for the patience.

    I had no idea what the "folding" was in the various signatures until the other day when curiosity got the best of me. Two deaths in my family in the past year because of Alzheimer's.

    My MDD is always on so you can bet that I will be a 24/7 cruncher.


    PS- When the first protein is done, should I delete the GUI application before I download/install the DP script?
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    good to hear. :)

    yeah, once it's done you can delete the app and the folder:


    then you'll be all set.
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    Thanks again. I look forward to putting both processors to work.
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    Mr. Anderson

    well, i managed to get 50 work units done, thanks to the new dual 1.25 - and my points went up over 40 points with just 2 WUs!!!

    What happened to the days of .5 points for a WU! :D

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    Ha. :D

    I'm getting quiet annoyied at my current protein, it is worth very little and yet taking too damn long.
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    Hmm...I now have one that's going to take almost 14 days (24/7) on my dual 800...well, once processor of it, and will net us 73 points. :)

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