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11.6 Creaking issues and hardware error image attached

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by T4R06, Nov 7, 2010.

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    i had this machine for less than 24hrs and i am annoyed with the creak sound whenever i pick it up (closed position) grabbing the thickest part..

    and this morning i did a hardware test (quick) and found this :mad:
    i dont know what it is...
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    I had a similar error on a 13" model. They replaced it at the genius bar. If there is a local Apple store near you I would take it in. When I took mine in they didn't have a list of the error codes for the MBA yet.
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    What hardware test is that?
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    Newer Apple laptops have a diagnostic program installed and it's on the boot disk (or USB stick) that comes with the machine. Reboot and hold the "D" key. After several seconds it will boot in the diagnostic program.
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    Yeah, that's what I thought. My usb stick is at the office- looks like a trip over there is in order.
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    Had a problem like this on my original MBA
    so far the 11.6" is holding up
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    You don't have to use the USB disk. If you have an MBA, then just reboot and hold the "D" key.
  8. nidserz, Nov 7, 2010
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    i tried this, but i am just getting a white screen... no diagnostic is coming up :(

    Edit: it worked. which test to do? regular or extended?

    Nevermind, I'm an idiot. Thanks. Did mine, no errors. Just have the creak.
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    Did the test, no problem.

    Mine doesn't creak as others said, but I feel one side of the bottom cover is ever so slightly loose.

    Called AppleCare and the rep told me the Apple Store Genius Bar now carries the special torx screw driver so they should be able to tighten it up on the spot. He said if that doesn't work, I can still get it replaced, but I kinda wanna keep this one since I have no other problems.

    I'll drop by at the store on Monday and report back.
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    went to apple store at westfarms today and they are happy to replace the whole thing. the replacement is a rocksolid! so this problem is not normal. something that i noticed right away at the back. the black plastic. it seems it is much thinner now? i can see much better the heatsinks hole.. i dont know maybe im just paranoid.. but whoever has this problem definitely not normal. bring back to apple store and they will replace it.
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    ditto. going to go into genius bar to get the screws tightened.
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    Reporting back:

    I went to Genius Bar this evening. They did have the special torx driver indeed. I he told me one of the bottom screws was a little loose. He tightened that one and made sure all others were fine.

    No "click" sound anymore. :D

    Interesting thing is that a Senior AppleCare Specialist called me (I initially called AppleCare for this problem) earlier today and wanted to know more about the case. I asked him if he's heard of this problem from others, he said no. I'll be keeping him posted.

    I'll see if the bottom cover gets loosens again. He said no problem replacing the whole thing if the problem doesn't go away.

    So far so good.

    FYI: My MBA11 is with CTO 4GB RAM so the custom building was most likely what caused this.
  13. nidserz, Nov 8, 2010
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    My turn to report back...

    Went to the Genius and he tried like 4 or 5 screw drivers and realized they weren't fitting... Then he said he would take it to the back and adjust it.

    He came back few minutes later and said that he tried to adjust it, and couldn't hear anything. He also said I had 3 days (till the 11th) to take it back and exchange if it was still bothering me.

    I did test it out, and it seems better than before I took it in.
    The thing is it happens randomly at times when I am using it in my bed and just move around. I haven't tested it in that scenario yet, but I will use it today and tomorrow before taking it back. I really don't want to because I had the hinge problem before, and this one is perfect when it comes to everything else. If I can't hear it tonight, it's a keeper!

    Edit: been using it for a few hours in bed tonight and the creaking is still there. Not sure if the Genius actually tightened it because to be honest it looked like he didnt have the right torx driver. I will probably take it in on Wed again to make sure... I really don't want to change it, but it still bothers me to hear the little crack noise once in a while.

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