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12'' PB Hinge Noise

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by t300, Aug 30, 2004.

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    My friend got the newest PB, a 12'', like a month ago. Well now when he adjusts the screen, the hinges make a horrible cringing sound, no matter what. Anyone have this problem or a fix for it?
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    my roomate has a 12" powerbook rev. A that does the same exact thing. When he contacted AppleCare, they said that lubricating it in any way would void the warranty coverage on the screen... hope that helps you somehow.
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    Okay, I let my friend in on that little peice of info but now he is faced with the question...What can he do about it? He has Applecare, but he is obviously within one year warranty. So what can he do? Will Apple take care of it if contacted?
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    My friend's Rev. B 12" PowerBook does the same thing, but because he has spilled several things such as Coke and beer on it.
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    so the sound is "supposedly" normal (says Applecare)? I've noticed that my RevC 12" has started doing that "stuck" sound when I push back my screen for minor visual adjustments.

    If it's normal, then I'm not concerned, but man, it scares me every time.
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    Oh yeah, my friend, whom I living with right now screams everytime he does it. It's really quite strange that it does that, as it did not when he got it. This is crazy that a lot of you have the same problem he does.
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    If your not afraid to void the warrantee, or it's already out of warrantee, just put a little WD-40 on it, that should fix it right up.
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    Ouch... mine does it and it's only a few months old and it's been babied. No scratches, no drops and no spills. But still, that scary noise. It's sort of akin to the chalkboard/fingernail sound.
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    old iBook did that

    my old iBook did that for years, still does and have never had a problem with the screen or hinge, just sounds bad. My sounded more like it was too tight or something, maybe that's a different sound then what you have going.
  10. 7on
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    If I were you, I'd try loosening some screws - but not too loose.
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    Good to hear I'm not the only one (pun intended).
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    which screws? post pix pleze

    i noticed the same thing-
    mine hasn't left my desktop yet-
    opened it up- placed it right on the ibreeze
    then whenever i close the monitor...ccccrrrraaackk!

    very scary

    so- which screws should we loosen?
    i'm totally used 2 tinkering w/ machines- but i've really only got experience w/ ibooks not PB's...

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    God no please don't do that. That's a one-step route to disaster. If you want to take it apart and lubricate it, use a good quality grease (think of the yellow stuff that comes in small clear bags).
    I don't see why you would however, as laptop screens tend to get looser with use, so it will probably wear off by itself and may even prolong the period before it starts to droop.

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    I think my 12" 1GHz is starting to show symptoms of creaking. For the first seven or so months, the hinge was smooth as butter. Now, it's showing more and more initial resistance to moving. No sounds yet, thankfully.
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    I would at least call Apple. My 12" Rev. B PB has no problems like that. It might also be the humidity.

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    Hmmm, well thats what I use to make doors unsqueaky, but I guess it doesn't work for laptops. :D
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    Mine was fine for about 2 months and then started doing it. Rev C
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    Could there be something in that? I live by the beach, but it's never really really humid here. Is anyone else who has this problem in a place where the air is wet?
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    squeaky, creaky screen

    Ever thought it could be the heat the the pb's give off.. ;)

    Ever thought that you need the friction between the hinges to keep the screen in the place it's supposed to be, it's a little creaky but it still works...

    ooh i'm a bit grouchy this morning... :mad:
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    Mine started a few days after I started carrying it in my backpack (no case). I think the added stress from the books made it start. At first, I was a little angry, and now, I'm just used to it. Sounds terrible though. I will try the lubrication trick when I can to see if it helps... I'm also happy I'm not the only one. :D
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    My 17" did the same !

    My 17" did the same (from new though) - sent it back and the replacement is smooth as silk.

    If the new 20" G5 iMac had been out I would have got that instead though !

    In all seriousness though - send it back - back it all up first though as Apple may well send you a different PB back (as they did with me).

    Good luck
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    See, that's the thing about sending it back. Other than the noise, my PB is perfect. No dead or stuck pixels, no track pad problmes, no crooked lid when it closed. It's just outright perfect. It's it's just a noise that doesn't affect the performance, then I'll just deal with it.

    Hey Davegoody, what was the turn around time on your new 17"?

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