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12" PB Keyboard Issue

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by michaelrjohnson, Oct 12, 2004.

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    No, silly, there's nothing wrong with the keyboard, it's the best one I've ever used. But something weird happened.


    Somehow, my "fn" key switched so that in order to use volume keys (F4, F5) to control volume, I have to hold down "fn". That's not right. Somehow it just switched in the last 5 minutes. The only thing that I can recall doing out of the ordinary is hitting "fn"+"F7". But repeating that action does not restore volume key functionality natively. Any help.... PLEASE? :)

    Apple's page on the 12" PB Keyboard.

    Also, what is "Display mode toggle"? (see site above)
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    Does anybody have any idea?
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    I remember reading somewhere that you can make this switch in the keyboard settings. I'm new to mac, so I couldn't tell you how to get to the keyboard/mouse settings of the top of my head. But I'm pretty sure there's a setting in there that will fix this.
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    there should be a check box in the keyboard & mouse control panel
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    That says what?
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    In the keyboard preferance panel, it is the box that says Use f1-f12 keys for speccial actions.
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    Thanks... Somehow I missed that.

    For my second question, though. What does F7 do? (natively)
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    F7, on the powerbooks toggles the modes of having an external display. you can either mirror your pb screen or have dual monitors, by pressing F7 it toggles between the two
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    Thank you! I knew that it did "Display Mode Toggle" but I couldn't find what that meant! Excellent.

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