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17" PB is almost here...

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by tekmoe, Oct 25, 2005.

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    It is stuck in Indianapolis right now with a shipping status of "Clearance Delay." Anyone else have this message showing up in their fedex tracking info?

    it is almost here! i called apple and they verified this is completely normal and i will receive my powerbook tomorrow per the fedex estimated ship date. i hope so. i want my powerbook. ;)
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    Nothing worse than sitting and waiting. Oh but the feeling when it gets there and you open that box. MMmmmmmmm. Love it.
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    Just sit and wait or watch a movie to get your mind of it.
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    Well enjoy your new powerbook when it gets to your house, I just have Apple Care to open up when I get home...
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    My 15'' BTO is in the same place with the same delay :/
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    Could be worse, your ship date could be November 22nd like mine.
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    Our PB are together. Same status with mine. Too bad I won't see mine til Friday when I get back from college.
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    g0gie, what is your estimated delivery date? and has it changed at all since it shipped? mine has been set at october 26th 10:30 AM since saturday when i got the tracking number. so far so good. we shall see.
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    tekmoe, or anyone else who can answer, I just order my powerbook on Sunday and it's currently in "sent to manufacturing" with an estimated ship date of Oct. 27th. What was your estimated shipping time from FedEx once it left the warehouse? I'm EXTREMELY ANXIOUS and was hoping I would have it by the end of the week, but I'm beginning to give up hope. :(
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    i ordered 20 minutes after the apple store came back up last wednesday. the estimated ship date said on or before 10/25 which would be today. my order changed to shipped on saturday morning which was about 4 days ahead of schedule. after i received the tracking number, the fedex estimated delivery date has been set for 10/26 10:30 AM. it has not changed and i am hoping it does not change either. if it holds true, i will have my 17" tomorrow morning!!!

    what did you order?
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    Thanks for the info. I've ordered (my first Mac!!) a 15" powerbook with a 100GB 7200rpm drive with an extra Crucial 1GB RAM, hopefully all on its way soon! Good luck to receiving your new powerbook tomorrow. p.s. I went to the local Apple Store over the weekend, and the new HD screens on the 17" are unbelievable!! Enjoy!
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    yep i have the same estimated ship date of the 26th at 10:30am , Im in the bay area in CALI too...
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    Just checked the FedEx page and it now says:

    Oct 25, 2005 10:56 PM
    Int'l shipment release

    Still estimated to be here tomorrow around 10:30.
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    just checked mine and it says the same thing. also estimated to be here around 10:30 tomorrow. yes yes yes yes yes!
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    Hey guys, mine is in the same spot with the same delivery date. Pretty sure ill get it today (its now the 26th) since its only acouple states away
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    on fedex truck for delivery...!
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    Mmmmm. Lapzilla! Those suckers are awesome!:D
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    I'm excited for you guys.. make sure you post as soon as they get there!
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    typing on my brand new 17" pb...

    freakin awesome. it has one dead pixel but i think i can live with it.

    this thing is amazingly cool! :D

    EDIT: btw, it DOES have the seagate momentus hard drive

    model: ST910021A

    will be posting the powerbook birth pictures soon.

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