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1970s style font/logo help

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Plymouthbreezer, Sep 3, 2005.

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    So, I just finished some murals for my school of instruments...


    But, now that they are all hung up, we need one that says "BHS Music." I would like it to be in a 1970s style font, similar to this:


    Or this:


    But, I don't have those fonts, and don't want to spend that much on something I might use once.

    Idealy, it would be diagonal down canvas (same size as the canvas's (sp??) above) with the "BHS" and then "Music" horizontal across the bottom.

    I can take a computer generated graphic and project it onto the surface. Anyone?
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    those look like rip-offs from the classic font "Bauhaus". do you have that? Im sure thats what your use to seeing....especially in that era
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    Humm... I don't believe I have that font. Was that a default Mac font?
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    I think you can get Bauhaus 93 (and also a similar font called Braggadocio) if you install MS Office 2004. I even think you'll get it with the test drive.

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    i typed it in illustrator and outlined the font for you so you dont need the font. you will be apple to manipulated it however you want. good luck.

    you do have illustrator dont you? if not you can rasterize it in photoshop or place the file in a page layout program.

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    Here's a page, thanks to ohcrap where you can download (for free) a bunch of Bauhaus fonts.
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    Cool stuff guys, keep up the input.

    Here's what I have after playing a little (see attachment).

    Suggestions, ideas??

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    Hows about this one?

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    ah don't really like that one.. however i do like the inverted one.. definately shows a good contrast compraed to the other ones and will definately stand out as a visual starting point
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    Well then what should change?
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    i don't like the font that is "music", it looks way too thin and alien. Also the BHS is a little too compressed for my taste. :eek:
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    I like it actually... I especially love how the treble clef goes into the top part of "Music."

    I do think it would look more visually pleasing if the "Music" though, was in the same style font as the "BHS."

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