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1Password Update for iOS Features Improvements to 1Browser, Sharing and Search

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 13, 2013.

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    has updated its password management app 1Password to version 4.2, adding several enhancements to 1Browser along with improvements to search and sharing.

    Go and Fill bookmarks have been added to the 1Browser on the iPad, along with the ability to use the Strong Password Generator. An auto-submit option for login filling has also been added.

    The update includes the ability to share items through Messages or email, and the app's search capabilities have been improved to allow for expanded search results across all fields. Here's a full rundown of the changes:
    1Password is a universal app that can be downloaded from the App Store for $17.99. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: 1Password Update for iOS Features Improvements to 1Browser, Sharing and Search
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    Cool stuff, not that I'd use any of it but cool stuff.
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    How long until Apple take this off the App Store, I wonder? ;)
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    Just a heads up, 1Password is $17.99 on the App Store, not free.

    As for the updates, they do seem pretty useful!
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    Great app on iOS and great software for the Mac. One I could no longer do without...
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    1Password is a universal app that can be downloaded from the App Store for free? :confused:
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    This app is the opposite of free...
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    Someone tell me, please, how this($17.99) is so much better than LastPass, which is free.
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    Oh my goodness the number of password reset emails I had to go through before getting 1Password was insane. I'm pretty sure it's my favorite Mac app, and the iOS app complements it nicely (yay not typing out 32 character amazon.com passwords by hand!). And 1Password Anywhere through Dropbox is genius.


    Sorry I'm missing something here. Why would they take it off?
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    Well, for starters, it looks prettier, and doesn't rely on cloud storage (optional). Plus theres great desktop apps that don't require internet connection to access.
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    Well...it's prettier!! That's worth 17.99!!:eek:

    (Yes, I know I'm ignoring the other stuff...better joke this way:p)
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    I'm not sure. Even the iOS (and other mobile platforms) [Premium] version of LastPass is $12 and the OS X and Windows is free. I like LastPass better because of it's browser integration and its cross-browser, cross-OS compatibility.

    I tried 1password a while back and wasn't as impressed as I am with LastPass.
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    I'll second 1Password Anywhere. Possibly my favorite current feature. This is one of my most used apps.
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    It's not gonna stop apple from giving "the boys" all of your information on request.
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  16. tonyr6, May 13, 2013
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    Way too expensive and why does it have a 17+ rating? I seen apps that were offensive with a 4+ rating. A example was a hip hop music app with the f word clearly in the title yet it has a 4+ rating. Even Google search app has a 4+ rating.

    I will not buy it even if it was cheap for that reason because if the irritating popup saying if I am 17 years or older. I am 35 and my iTunes account should know by my birthdate.

    Still $18 is a ripoff. I only bought one app the most $10. Then if Apple pulls it you are left with a expensive app with no updates.
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    With the state of our mobile network in the UK, storing the passwords locally on my iPhone is worth the money alone!
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    Sorry, totally ethnocentric! :eek:
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    I had doubts on the benefits of 1Password a while back. However, with Dropbox syncing, all my devices have secure access to my accounts, passwords, credit cards, etc. The most convenient feature is allowing it to generate complex passwords for your accounts. I do this on a monthly basis. Just need to remember my one [complex] password.

    However, AgileBits has yet to update their OS X client. They've been "in development" for a loooong time, but it seems they're more focused on their iOS product. 1Password 4.0 for OS X may be a long way out, and won't be a free upgrade, which has many dissatisfied for ponying up cash only to have to buy it again (App Store doesn't allow "upgrade" pricing). Their OS X app is long in the tooth, could use iCloud syncing, better browser integration, etc.
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    It used to be my fav, but since they removed local wi-fi syncing in version 4 these upgrades do not mean so much to me. I want my home syncing back as an option. I do not use Dropbox nor Cloud for such a private info to be flying around.

    Does anyone know if oneSafe allows local wi-fi syncing btw. iOS app and desktop version?
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    Personally I use lastpass. But there are pretty major differences. 1password comes with an ios browser that actually works on both the iPhone and ipad. Lastpass is a serious challenge to access on an ios device. Besides lastpass is not just less attractive it's downright windows 3.1 ugly. Finally, is $17 really that much money? It just boggles my mind how cheap people are and unashamed of it to boot.
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    Since LastPass meets all my needs, works on all my devices, and is $12 for the Premium version...it's great for me. Others have other needs for which 1Password is better.

    About the cheap and unashamed part...you got me!

    Always good to crap on people in your posts...keep it up.:D
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    They put that back in a few weeks later due to popular demand.
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    $18 for quality software is a ripoff? This is the single thing I hate most about the App Store: it makes clueless people think software grows on trees and that every app should be $1 at most.

    But I guess we should face reality, they're not targeting you. They're targeting people who would otherwise waste over $18 in time managing passwords. If you make $8/hour, it'll have to save you 135 minutes before it's worth it. If you make $80/hour, it'll have to save you 13.5 minutes before it's worth it. And of course, as your time becomes more valuable, so does the value of having super secure passwords.
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    It's not the price so much is that I don't trust Apple as they always pulling apps. I don't want to spend big bucks on a app and then the dictators at Apple decide it voilates something then they pull it. At least with a app that cost $1 it is not much loss.

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