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2.4 upgrade wipes out prior content?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by tobarefeet, Jul 16, 2009.

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    I have atv 2.3 and used atvflash to hack my atv. I have 30-40 tv shows in avi that I have downloaded, plus a few hours of music. If I upgrade to 2.4 I'm assuming I will lose all my content, is that correct? I dont understand why an upgrade would cause that. The ability to have pandora and some of the other programs is almost enough to make me upgrade and lose my content. I will say I have had issues with Boxxee, looks like a great program on my atv, but it hiccups a lot. Also, my itunes has not recognized my ATV in months.... so maybe an upgrade will fix that.
    I just wanted to make sure that I would in fact loss my stored content?
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    once you upgrade, just reinstall the patchstick like you did originally and it will all reappear :D
    also, the new boxee update works much better than before
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    Should I upgrade to 2.4 and then use the patchstick I used previously for 2.3, and then after that get the upgraded patchstick for 2.4 and use that to finish the process? Will that preserve the shows I have already on the atv?
    thanks for any assistance.
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    just upgrade then reapply the patchstick, thats what I did and my files stayed there and reappeared once I reapplied :cool:

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