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2 iPods to 1 computer problem...

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by dave1234, May 31, 2004.

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    A friend and I want to put both of our iPod libraries onto my computer. I had no problem putting mine on there, I used the app. "Robs Exporter" which was very good ;). My Friend however has an iPod mini, and he has a windows machine. When i plug his iPod into my Mac the little white hard drive iCon comes up instead of the iPod icon. He has sunk his iPod on his windows machine, but is there anyway to get his iPod music onto my hard drive? PLEASE HELP!
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    bah, you're not supposed to steal music, why do you think that sticker is there on the friggin iPod when you first open it.
    Anyway, iPodRip from the LittleAppFactory is VERY good.
    Give that one more try.
    Oh, I dont have an iPod/iPod Mini for Windows, but I'm pretty sure its formatted NTFS or FAT32...maybe its a filesystem thing. *shrug*
    And maybe you could find some other way of asking us, instead of blatantly admitting to the fact that you're stealing music ;)
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    real theft??

    I think you should get a job as an RIAA cheerleader. Let's throw this punk into jail for 10 years.

    What this kid is wanting to do does not even approach the threshold of what I consider "stealing."

    Two buddies sharing music --- for non commercial purposes. This is no different than sharing CD collections with each other.

    Get a grip. There is still something called "fair use." If anything falls under this doctrine, this does.

    Consider a quote taken from Wired :

    "As the 40 percent increase in downloads over the last year makes alarmingly clear, like it or not file sharing is likely to (continue) on a massive scale no matter how many suits are brought and what the fine print of copyright or criminal law says," Eisgrau said. "Second, putting a tiny percentage of tens of millions of American file sharers behind bars or in the poorhouse won't put one new dime in the deserving pockets of artists and other copyright owners." :)

    We are not even talking about p2p sharing here. Just two friends sharing music. No conspiracy.
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    jesus christ, you wont ever know the depth of my hatred for the RIAA...or basically anybody who is going berzerk over people downloading stuff, be it movies or music. Like i'm the kind of person who loves to boo at the guy in the respectcopyrights.org dealie that you see every stinkin time you go to the movies.
    I was *KIDDING*, for christs sake, I copy my friends iPods too.
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    rip, mix, burn ---- share on p2p networks ?????

    cool dude. glad to hear it.

    (Except that your confession has automaticly triggered a stealth RIAA "fingering" program. You are now being watched by the music industries own personal cop --- John Ashcroft!!!) :eek:
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    you should have no problem in using an iPod formatted on widowze with ur mac. Although the reverse is not true.
    so just get some third party hack for reverse transfer. And you would get the hard drive icon, if you have the manual setting, which i think is exactly what u want, because otherwise, it would automatically sync the iPod with ur mac, so you wont be able to download anything.

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    Whatever Wired say and whatever you think, this is still breaking the law and taking money out of the pockets of artists (and those bastards at the record companies, sure). Fair-use does not cover giving copies of media to other people, it covers making your own copies for your own use, and academic stuff (playing tracks in classrooms for educational purposes).


    Just because everyone does it does not make it legal or morally right, and whilst the current situation is a clear warning bell that the end of the Major is in sight, it also means that no-one can expect to make money out of recorded music/video/software without elaborate anti-piracy measures.

    I'm in England, the RIAA don't mean dick to me, but my royalty statements are decreasing and I see my work on P2P sites and newsgroups all the time. I'm affected, everyone is affected, but you don't care, go right ahead and steal the money from my pocket, here's my account number, (yeah right...) go steal that too.... ;)

    PM me I'll send you my address, you can come round and burgle my house, it's exaclty the same thing in the eyes of the law. The music I record belongs to me and the people who wrote/played/paid for it, I should be allowed to earn money from it.

    //end rant//

    Of course P2P is popular, it something for nothing, why would it not be. But you can't blame people for wanting to protect their livelyhoods.
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    pay the right people

    This is illegal too now in the US.

    I am one of the people who purchase music from iTunes (almost 300 tracks to date), but I am also one of the people who think what is happening with copyright (courtesy of the RIAA and the sell-outs in Congress) is WRONG.

    Copyright law was never intended to protect a cartel or oligopoly from having to enter the world of free market competition. But, laws are being rewritten as we speak to do just this.

    I want the artists to get paid. I just think there is a better way than funneling all of the money through an illegal music distribution CARTEL. This is the crux of the issue.
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    I wasn't aware the fair-use laws had been amended in the States, it's always been illegal over here....

    I have high hopes for independant disribution like The Music Engine in East London, they charge a dowload fee and will store and encode for free, I have a number of tracks and artists with them, however, the free distribution of those files is still a problem.

    I'm not a fan of the majors, but where there's money there will always be sharks, I think the AOL/Time warner merger is proof of that.

    I just get really pissed when one of my students asks me to make a copy of a track I played in class, then gets all snotty cos I refuse and says "Oh, well I'll just go download it then..."



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