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$200 Powerbook drop?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by arn, Nov 3, 2002.

  1. arn
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    Someone posted this on MacNN.

    Don't know if this is new, or is there some other reason the Apple Loans started at $2299?

    Current Powerbooks start at $2499.

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    If iBook is gonna recieve a 200 price drop, powerbook probably would too

    EDIT: Playing with URLS I also found this [​IMG]

    Looks like ThinkSecret was right!
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    Well I would like to know where everyone is finding these promos, because I can't find them anywhere on the site, for the cheapest iBook the lowest per month payment is $28.00. Where is a link?
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    looks like maybe tomorrow is going to be the day because i really dont see apple letting something like this go by for three days.

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  5. arn
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    Heh... good job.

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    Well it must be true. Apple is apparently lowering prices to appease analysts. No gripes from me, I'm now seriously considering an iBook as my next purchase (I'm torn between that and an iMac).
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    Hey thanks sparkleytone, looks like I might be getting an iBook sooner than expected.
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    Looks like good news...

    If we get this update between tomorrow and Wednesday, what does everyone think the possibilities of there being a redesign in January?

    Does this update nullify the 13" rumors if it is the same enclosure?
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    Hah! Laugh at me will you... Thank you Apple, for finally making an effort to be more compeditive in the portable PC market.

    Yes, that price is for the up and coming low-end model, but seeing as how the price difference for the current PB G4 is about $700.00, I think that the 1GHz PB G4 will be just under $3,000.00. Way to go Apple!
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    Re: Whoohah!

    Wow...$2,999...that's amazing. :rolleyes:

    The price drop is significant, but this bickering is ridiculous.
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    superfoo: that's really mature of you to go through other threads. and furthermore, you don't know if they are even going to have 1 GHz powerbooks yet. i was certainly wrong about the 9 months thing, but i wouldn't jump the gun on this latest development... even at $2999 and 1 GHz, you aren't paying under $3000. that's just a marketing ploy. tax, shipping, applecare..... something will get you.

    i realize that is a weak argument, but let's just wait a few days before you start bitching me out, ok? by then i won't care, because if you can bitch me out then i will be able to buy a superloaded 1GHz pb for less than 3400$ with the ram discount going down.

    but thanks in advance for being absolutely certain to point out my mistakes, anyways. i am sure you are right about everything.
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    Any news on the new displays?

    Seems most of this November 5/6 stuff started as rumors of new LCD Studio displays.

    Nice to see the new iBooks & G4s, but I need a new display for my Digital Audio G4!
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    Not a problem; it was the least I could do. One good turn was deserving of another.
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    Yeah, you know shadowfax, I may be a newbie around here but am a veteran on many other forums (mostly home theater and skiing), with 1000s of posts and countless threads read and followed, and therefore consider myself to have a fairly reasonable knowledge-base on netiquette. I have to agree that superfoo basically gave you a taste of your own medicine. I don't personally approve of the tone either of you took, but come on - re-reading your original post, you had it coming to you. Maybe his response will make you rethink the tone you take when questioning someone else's opinion. Questioning someones opinion is fine. Doing so in a manner that paints them to be a fool is not.

    My $.02.

    Flame suit on.

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    DVD burner or not...a Powerbook G4 at $2299 is cheaper than Powerbooks have ever been new. That's A Good Thing (tm)
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    if there's a $200 price drop on the new TiBooks thsi means that i might even get one if the specs aren't improved that much!:D
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    [edited out, off topic]
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    The both of you, take this crap elsewere please.

    Saying this, I am to agree with you that we will not have 1GHz machines. I am OBVIOUSLY only guessing but I THINK 800 and 933.

    We'll see, though, hey?!

    Does anyone else every get sus about the fact that almost every update has a slip from Apple just before it?

    What is with that.... web designers could not be THAT stupid, could they???
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    I don't think it's a matter of stupid, maybe just lazy.

    They have to prepare and test out the pages before anything "goes live". It's not surprising that stuff gets left up accidentally, or people dig up pictures in directories that ordinarily wouldn't show up.

    With so many people fishing around for clues someone has to find something occasionally.
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    But the Apple site it all WebObjects..... using Project Builder with the WebObjects kit you compile and run your apps on your own machine just like they are on the web and then when you are ready to do an update you copy the file that was built by Project Builder to the server.

    As for images, there is no reason for them to update images on the ftp server before an update.... those images look exactly the same as the ones they are already using minus a price change. They would just replace the image when it is time to update and it would fit in with no problems.
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    maybe apple web designers get a kick out of leaving up stray stuff, maybe even false stuff and then laughing their butts off as we first discover them and then analyze them with pixel detail. lol.
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    Now THAT I could believe

    They would not want to get caught, though... but then again, Apple execs would just throw it off as someone at home with Photoshop.

    Would be pretty funny if on Tuesday/Wednesday (Depending on where you are) a PowerTablet hits the Apple site with 8X SuperDrive, IBM 64/32Bit processor, Airport and Bluetooth built in with an image file location of http://a772.g.akamai.net/7/772/51/d....com/powertablet/images/yougulliblelosers.jpg
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    [edited out, off topic]
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    I think it's that they just don't care... even working at Apple is just a job. After a while, everyone makes a mistake, uploading a page or graphics when the information is not yet supposed to go live, etc.

    More to the point, the $200 price drop makes a big difference for both the PB and the iBook. A lot of people on these threads are constantly looking for an H-bomb to appear from Apple, an undeniable juggernaut to slay, once and for all, the M$ foe. Juggernauts and H-bombs are great. But that doesn't mean that the occasional small tweaks -- price drops, faster processors -- aren't also appreciated.

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