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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by japanime, Nov 16, 2012.

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    I recently purchased two MBAs for my company. One is a 2011 11-inch, the other a 2012 11-inch.

    They are running side-by-side in our office, and are connected via HDMI to identical Mitsubishi external monitors.

    The monitor connected to the 2011 model looks great — the contrast, colors and everything seem perfect.

    The monitor connected to the 2012 model looks terrible — washed out colors, brightness and contrast levels that seem "flat." Also, sometimes when awaking from sleep, the external screen is completely blown out — practically white (even though the desktop "picture" that we use is a solid dark gray color).

    At first, I figured it was the external monitors (or perhaps the HDMI cables). So, I swapped monitors and cables between the two MBAs.

    Same result.

    Has anyone here noticed the same thing between the video output of a 2011 model vs the 2012? Or do I have a bad 2012 on my hands?

    Thanks in advance for any feedback.
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    Is this an issue just with HDMI output? I haven't noticed anything on the 2012 11" using a mini display port to DVI adaptor.
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    No problems here either, it seems to be a HDMI issue. The thing is, HDMI was not developed for monitor use, but for media content.
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    Displayport was really the standard developed for use as a computer display, but obviously HDMI has a lot of popularity at the lower end of desktop displays. I was somewhat surprised when it appeared on the rMBP. Apple doesn't typically offer redundant port types.

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