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3-4 week wait on 5gb ipod

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by melchior, Jan 9, 2003.

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    surely this is a definite sign of an upcoming change in the line-up.

    january 25th? coinciding with an itunes update for ilife?
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    Possibly an update on the ipod, but Steve said that ITunes had already been updated. I'm just waiting for a new Imac, but a new Ipod would be cool too.
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    if there was an itunes 4 it would have been at mw but an itunes 3.02 could be ok....

    as the 5gb ipod needed to be updated to allow aac across the board.

    does anyone still believe in the tabset rumors? eweek and cnet were pretty sure. did the source or the reporter mistake the description of the 12" for a tablet?

    i am not anticipating a tablet from apple.
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    Portable media player coming

    Microsoft also said it is working with Intel Corp. on a design for portable players code-named "Media2Go." The devices, which would hold at least 12 hours of audio or six hours of video, are targeted to hit retailers later this year.

    Among the companies that will build the units, Microsoft said, are Sanyo, Samsung and ViewSonic. The new players will feature screens at least four inches wide, with ports to connect them to television sets for video-quality playback.
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    See quote from CNN. CLEARLY Apple video/mp3 players must be just around the corner.

    Give them six weeks. Or less.
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    Which quote are you talking about? Apple was mentioned in the article, but not in relation to the portable video players (those were clearly a Microsoft/Intel effort). Are you assuming that Apple will follow whatever WinTel is doing? That wasn't the case with the Tablet PCs. I don't see Apple making their own devices - I see them partnering with other companies to Rendezvous-enable their devices, like the deal they just announced with Tivo...
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    This wintelpod that is talked about is only going to hold 12 hours of audio and 6 hours of video? My 5gig ipod holds 2.4 days worth of music. And if video was encoded in the motion jpeg codec in fcp you could carry 5 hours of high quality video
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    Re: 3-4 week wait on 5gb ipod

    i wanted to order an iPod (right after christmas), Apple could not guarantee me an iPod (1 week before Christmas).

    i wanted to wait till Christmas is over, but then i heard, the wait would be 2 weeks at the earliest.

    i thought, ok, iPodupdate on the 7th.

    but that was a no go too. let's see what will happen soon.
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    Re: Re: 3-4 week wait on 5gb ipod

    That sounds like me. I have been wanting an iPod since after Christmas, but decided to wait until after MWSF, and now I think that I am going to wait until Jan. 25. I am really hoping for update/price drops. So, I guess that I will see what happens on the 25th.
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    Re: Re: Re: 3-4 week wait on 5gb ipod

    At this rate you are never going to buy...I feel sorry for you...I have been enjoying my old 10Gb iPod everyday since I bought it and can't imagine being without it now. Even if Apple updates the iPod...I'll be very happy with mine...it does what I need perfectly...It holds tons of music, is small and has good battery life...I don't need to watch videos on the go.
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    so its not just me... i too was going to buy an ipod after christmas... the 20 gig... ive been ripping all my cds to my powerbook and an rather eager to dump them all to an ipod... then after reading all the rumors i figured id wait til after mwsf... now im waiting til after ilife comes out b/c it seems practical that an ilife device would be introduced to further link all the iapps... i cant believe im waiting this long for something i would use everyday... i bought a clie nx70v the day it came out and its currently sitting under some laundry in my room... aaaaahhhhhhhhh c'mon apple!!!!!!!
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    Sell the Clie and buy an iPod...NOW! then if something new comes out...sell the iPod, add some $$ and buy the new one.
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    anybody know?


    if an apple product is ordered and let us say, the delivery would take 3 to 4 weeks.

    and within the 3-4 weeks an update of the product comes out...

    taken for granted, the price is the same (if not cheaper), would one get the updated product or not?

    does anyone have any experience with this?
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    I ordered a 20 gigger and I think its in the process of being shipped :eek: oh wells.. The Ipod needs a cosmetic makover, its looked the same for way too long. Aluminum to match the new PowerBooks maybe? The old one looked like an ibook, so why not? Also, they should add a lightup logo to make it match the Powerbook even more :D
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    A light up logo adds nothing but a higher price...as far as a make-over...I'm sure it will happen...look how that Sony Walkman has evolved.
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    Battery waste. The iPod spends most of its time in a case, in your pocket.
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    No case for me...I just let it get scratched up and dirty...I like it that way. If it breaks, throw it in the gutter and go by another.
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    Thats why I think Aluminum would be the best choice, no scratches. Not sure how the face would be with the controls though.
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    Could be cool...but would make you look like you had a flask of booze on your person.
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    I'am waiting a little to get a new iPod myself. And I guess I will at least wait until the 25th. However, the 25th doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Why wouldnt they have shown of the new itunes and or the new ipods?? I mean iLife would have looked a lot better if iTunes was updated too, right? They come out with the new TiBooks and they say they wont be available in a few weeks, why wouldn't they just do that with the iPods at MW?? Where did you get that information that you couldn't get a 5GB iPod for 3-4 weeks anyways? For some reason I don't think its gonna happen on the 25th, but I'm still hopin it will.
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    The 3-4 weeks thing comes from the Apple Store Online. Both 5 GB versions are listed at 3-4 Weeks, The other sizes are set as 1-2 days.

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