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360 controller under OSX... help!

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by shidoshi, Apr 25, 2007.

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    Okay, so today I picked up the Xbox 360 wireless controller + USB dongle pack, with the intent of using it on my Mac for games, MAME, and whatnot. Got the homebrew drivers installed, went into the System Prefs panel, and everything for the controller is showing up. However, outside of that panel, nothing is recognizing that the controller is there. (I've tried USB overdrive, MAME, and a few other things.)

    Anybody currently using a 360 controller on Mac OSX? What did you need to do after installing the 360Prefs drivers and getting the controller originally recognized?
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    Uh, did you restart the computer? Everything works fine for me...

    Oh, and USB Overdrive doesn't recognize 360 controllers, even with the homebrew drivers, though GamePad Companion will... somehow... I think depending on in which order you install them... actually I really have no clue... it just started working in there when I transfered everything over to my Mac Pro.
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    Is the "USB dongle pack" the Play & Charge Kit? If so, all that does is power your wireless controller, no signal is transferred.
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    Using a wireless controlller with the Windows Wireless Gaming Adapter works, but the driver does not yet make the controller show up as a usable device in many games.

    Halo has this problem, the controller appears in the game but cannot be configured.

    I expect this will be fixed eventually as the driver is a work in progress (the first wireless supporting version causes a few kernel panics on my iMac)

    Im sticking to the wired pad until the driver is a bit better.

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    This must be my problem then. So, at this point, then the games must actually support the Wireless Gaming Adapter in order for them to work? That kind of sucks. All I wanted was for it to run with MAME, but no go.

    I guess I'll either wait it out until the driver gets better, or I'll look into getting a wired controller instead.
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    Its the driver thats not complete, but i expect it will eventually work properly, the wired pad works perfectly though.

    Also i'm able to use the wireless pad with Genesis Plus etc.

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    say I get the wired controller do I still have to install an app? if so what? does it work with Halo?
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