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Discussion in 'New Mac Application Announcements' started by cb911, Nov 6, 2002.

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    this is awesome, i just saw Beej post it in another thread in general discussion, and i just thought that it deserved it's very own thread. :D

    it's a 3D file system browser, utilising 3 dimensions to browse the directory hierachies.

    anyway, have a look, it's very cool.

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    That looks sweet!
    It'll eat up system resources, but it just looks so damn kool! Can't wait to get home a give it a go.
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    Mr. Anderson

    With this thread, it makes it the 3rd or 4th one on the subject. Have you used it? It doesn't really add all that much to you computer and probably won't be useful. You'll load it, play with it and realize that its much easier using the Finder and revert back after a certain amount of time inversely proportional to your maturity/intelligence level......

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    the Finder at the moment has alot functionality, but with 3DOSX you can see the future of interfaces today! :D

    i'm going to use it for a week and see how i go...
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    Mr. Anderson

    Its also something that was done on the SGI machines in the 90s, its nothing special. And sure its a possible future, but like I mentioned in the other thread, we have years before it becomes truly useful.

    I used it for 10 minutes and uninstalled it. If you last a week of constant use I'll be surprised.

    But don't get me wrong, I do think its cool, its just not efficient or particularly effective.

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    i'm only using it 'cause it's cool. don't forget, i've got a Windows XP theme installed as well... maybe now you understand a bit more about what i'm like, or not.:p :D

    and where is this other thread? i'd like to have a read.
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    Mr. Anderson

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    oh well, the latest version was just released in April. the next release should be even better, and maybe someone with a dualie will try it...
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    my dualie and I agree......there is no point and its not even that cool.

    The icons arent even truly 3D...yeah, it looks kinda neat...but only kinda. Its not really that attractive looking. Its just "3D"....whatever.

    I lasted maybe 2 minutes and its off my computer for good now.

    Its got potential, but the design isnt that hot and its not very functional at all.
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    this software isn't going to get anywhere without active development tho...the cvs repository looks like it hasnt been updated in about 5 months.

    seems more like a proof of concept app than anything else.
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    I'd like to give it a whirl, but I'm still on OS 9 for freakin Reaktor *bashes stuff*.

    I'm sure its not as good as the finder, but it looks like its worth 5 minutes of my time.
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    I downloaded this a while back and tried to use it, but I couldn't figure it out. How do you get anything to appear?

    Since then I would have to try to try to use it.

    But I think given what the program does, which really isn't anything productive, you would have to be a top dog junkie to use it for a long time.
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    Looks cool, but what is the point?
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    God that program ****s me off... I used it a while back and it looked really cool but you just can use it effectively
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    Hmmm looks like the system portrayed in the screenshots has about 20 files and folders... what about the other 99.9999 % of us? A 3D circle of a thousand files.... hmmm ... might be interesting...

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    it displays files fine. just have a play with it and you'll see...

    i'm starting to get annoyed with it now though. it's already crashed twice on me today... ggrrrr.:rolleyes: :mad:
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    Mr. Anderson

    you've still probably used it more than most people, I'm quite amazed actually that you're sticking with it. Its a total waste of time - except maybe showing people who are easily impressed......:rolleyes:

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    People do this every few years. I guess that they have a lot of time to waste.

    My favorite example of a totally useless use of 3-D was "Turbo Gopher VR". For those of you who remember gopher, imagine gopher presented with this whole 3-d look, cheesy bitmaps pasted onto the "walls" of the gopher link "polygons". And get this... there were plans for 3-d spatial stereo sound so that you could make your link make noise and hear it get louder/softer/ear-to-ear as you "walked" around the environment.

    Stupid, but somebody took the time to do it and probably thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.
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    If you remember the first Jurassic Park movie, one of the end sequences shows the girl 'hacking' into an SGI to lock the doors (or something) and save the day. She was using this 3D navigation system.
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    okay, i admit it. i've stopped using 3DOSX. but i'm still going to check for updates. i wouldn't mind using it except for the crashes...
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    I remember something about a web search engine technology that used the 3d look of this software. I saw it on ZDTV one day when I was playing sick. A French company designed it I think. It looked pretty neat, not sure about how functional it would be. If anyone can figure out what I'm trying to describe, let me know.:p

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    Looks to me like someone is trying to make a justifiable use of Quartz. Looks good to me. I'll have to try it when I get home.
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    It's an interesting toy, a fun project (and it was around before Quartz), but there are some real problems with making a real 3D interface that doesn't violate nearly every principle of good user interface design. Believe me, nontechnical people have trouble understanding 2D window layering ("It erased my document!" -- "No, you just switched to another program."). You try explaining to them that they can't find what they're looking for because it's "behind" them, and their heads are going to explode. Then there are the people who just don't have good spatial sense. I know several people who fall into that category, and computer generated 3D environments really confuse them.
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    sure there are people that would have a tough time understanding it, but i'm going to keep an eye out for anymore 3D interface stuff. i love it. :D and i really hope that someone in the future decides to put a decent amount of effort into making a functional 3D file browsing environment.:)
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    3d internet could get very interesting. I would like to see where
    that goes more then anything.

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