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500mHz TiBook for $400, Worth it?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by danny_w, Mar 27, 2006.

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    Are there any real issues with the TiBook 500 that would make this a bad deal? This is on a local craigslist. What should I look out for? I don't think that DVI came out until 667mHz, so this one is VGA only right?
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    Honestly it's down to if you can afford it and you understand it's not a powerhouse machine. $400 is a pretty good price for that machine. Yes, you're only going to have VGA.
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    Thanks, that's what I thought. I really want a new or current model PowerBook, but don't want to spend quite that much, although I might if the prices come down with the iBook/MacBook or 12" MBP announcements. I need a laptop only occasionally, but if I could get one that could replace my mini I might go for it. The MBPs have just had too many issues for me to get excited about them, even though I know they are the future and are MUCH faster.
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    Yeah, it's a nice machine since you get the G4 and widescreen. Just look out for a bad LCD and chipping paint.
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    keep in mind that it's only 1152x768 resolution - not that much more than a 12" ibook (1024x768)...
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    I had an iBook G3 500 and sold it. I just felt flimsy and cheap to me (actually, most laptops do though). How does the TiBook 500 compare to that?

    EDIT: Actually the resolution is a plus for me, since I have trouble reading small fonts. I run my 19" monitor at work at 1024 or 1280 most of the time. So that is a plus in my book.
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    The body is solid on the Titanium. The biggest issue I had with that series was that the LCD feels flimsy. Also the video cables had a habit of loosening due to use.

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