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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by andypress, Jun 20, 2003.

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    How could i get an internet program such as netscape on a 6100/60 that has no cd drive? It is on my network so i am able to move files from my pc. Everytime I unpack netscape, and leave it in the shared folder on my pc, the mac thinks that its a pc file, and won't open the installer. Any suggetions?
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    Do you have any other Macs on your network? When you say unpack, you mean netscape comes in a .hqx or .bin file?
    If that's getting screwed up, it may be because the peecee is screwing up the data fork and so the Mac doesn't recognize the file anymore. This has happened to me a lot in the past when transferring from windows > Mac.
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    I'm unpacking the files from stuffit archives and then putting them into the shared folder. There are other macs on the network, except they are all 6100 that I aquired with this one. One of these does have a cd drive on it.
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    Share the .sit (or .bin or .hqx or whatever) and expand it on the Mac. If you expand it on Windows, it'll drop some of the information (such as whether it's an application or a document).

    Edit: To make it expand on the Mac, you'll need to open StuffIt then go to File->Expand. Simply double-clicking the archive from the Finder won't work.
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    Thats the problem. I dont have stuffit for os 7.x . By any chance does someone have that version of stuffit that isn't in a compressed format?

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