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9000 Points in 24 hours!!

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by Mr. Anderson, Jul 1, 2003.

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    Mr. Anderson

    Wow, now this has got to be a record! We keep this up and we will be doing quite nicely!

    D :D

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    what site is that from?
  3. pEZ
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    That looks like Extreme OC - mostly because the front page of their stats has that same total right now. I wanna see the graph go up. Higher.

    No. Higher.

    Hey, if we can keep this up, we could hold off the Knights a little longer - like until people get their G5s set up with folding? Maybe? Then we could taunt THEM?
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    Yeah 9k is nice but technically we could be over or under by a great amount that is becuse "Stats DB Last Update: July 1, 2003 @ 9:00 pm (CST)
    Time Now: July 1, 2003 @ 11:14 pm (CST)"
    It updates every 3 hours I belive meaning 12 CST or 1 AM EST, or another 45 minutes.

    I mean the probability is that it will stay somewhere near that amount but 3 hours could make the difference.
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    this is totally due to that front page advert coupled with the recent slump in output

    this team has ALWAYS been on a positive trend since ive followed stats actively. we must be doing something right :)

    keep it up
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    why would we not be 28th anymore? at least until tomorrow the 2nd?

    - bert
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    By Extreme Overclocking's measurements, we did just over 9K (9039.95 points, to be exact...) for July 1, 2003. That's a record-setting day for our team. And the trend looks good:
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    Mr. Anderson

    Very cool that we got that big a boost already....

    Now, if we can stay at the same level or reasonably close today that would be fantastic!

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    Now, if I could get my kids to quit closing the terminal when I am at work I would finish my first WU!
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    Thats what so great about panther and fast user switching :)
    Now, if Apple could just hurry up :)

    And a question, is it possible to set up two machines under the same username?
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    Mr. Anderson

    Ah, get the script, you can find it in the FAQ I think. That way it runs in the background and you don't need to have the terminal open....it also restarts after boot up....;)

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    Yep, I was looking at that. Is there a log file associated with the script that the progress is written out to? I like having the terminal open so I can see what is happening.
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    Mr. Anderson

    All you do is type work in a terminal and it gives you the current status....its quite nice and I've got it running on 3 machines - one of them a dual. You need get the different scripts for the single and dual machines.

    If you have any questions, ask mc68k

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    Do you mean, can you have more than one computer folding under your user name? In which case, yes, you can. I have about 5 computers, all contributing towards my stats, and some of the higher-ranked folders have dozens of computers under their name.
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    Two record-breaking days in a row!

    Actually, if you look at the graph above, we actually slightly broke the record the day before as well and then we shattered the record on July 1st!

    I joined last week and moved from number 450 to number 250 in one week! Wow, at that pace I'll be 150 positions above the leader in just two more weeks.

    (Hmm, maybe I should leave the "complex" math to my Mac?!)
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    New to Folding

    Hello All!

    I just started folding two days ago. I have 3 WUs done and should hopfully finish another 2 WUs today.

    I have two computers folding 24/7 (both of which are P4 2GHz machines). Even though I don't have a Mac yet, (I am going to get a rev. B G5 hopefully in early 2004) I am still contributing to this team.

    I have a score of 142 (yes I know, but I did just start) but I am slowly moving ahead of the part-time folders (currently ranked 198 for the team).

    But anyways, good luck to those of you donating your CPU cycles for a good cause


    PS - don't you think it is brilliant how this software brings out the inner alpha in all of us?
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    Mr. Anderson

    So it looks like we'll be getting less than 7000 points today, unless something happens later.

    I wonder why we got 9000 yesterday?

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    I wont be turning in any WUs today. the one I'm on now... oh geez. got it yesterday and it's been on constantly all night. I've done 6.5% on my 867Mhz G4. ugh. here's to waiting!
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    Probably all of the new members first units (maybe they had mutiple comps?)

    And bert is getting his folding comps back online... :)
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    :mad: manually!

    i have to go in on my lunch break or when i walk by to reboot machines that the service has stopped on...

    I need to find out why the folding gets killed whenever someone logs off a machine.

    luckly there is a default account on the machines and only rarly do people log out.

    - bert

    *edit: I want to help delay the KWSN from their takeover as much as possible!
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    Not sure what is happening, but this seems to be affecting other teams as well - we look like we are going to be down around 3000-4000 today as well... :(

    Ni! :D
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    Which OS are you using and which type of service?

    I run F@H as a service on around 20 machines and I don't have problems when the users log off (unless they decide to shutdown the machine as well... :rolleyes: ) - is it possible that you installed the service to run as the logged on user rather than as the system account?

    Ni! :D
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    and I just found the culprit! on some of the machines I was too hasty and put the flag as -local not -service!

    now they work, 95% are fixed. the rest are being used at the moment and I didn't get to fiddle with them yet.

    IT! :D

    - bert
  25. Moderator emeritus

    Mr. Anderson

    Oh, that's good news! Up goes the production again! WooHoo, nice....:D

    Now if we could get a few more members with these resources......


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