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Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by Buschmaster, Dec 29, 2008.

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    Hey guys, I started a new blog to help out iPhone developers with whatever I feel like posting about on that day. I'm hoping it can help a few people out, and I'm also looking for any ideas that some people might have for next topics.

    I may do another post or two on UITableViews since I could still cover quite a bit of information, but I would like to move onto topics that people might be able to benefit from more if there are some other areas people would like.

    So this post is two parts, one, a shameless promotion so that hopefully a few people will start keeping an eye on it and two, a post asking if there are any topics that anyone would like to see covered.

    So... here it is:

    Thanks to anyone who reads it :) Also - If anyone has any suggestions for how I can make my posts better, let me know!
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    this is just my idea, but i would show people how to write an actual program and then send it to apple and see if it gets approved and blog about the whole processes
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    You mean write about the App Store submission process? I could do that, but it seems like Apple's tutorials are pretty helpful, to me. I'd like to focus mostly on the programming help I can provide, but I could stray from that from time to time.
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    Agree'd Apple did a great job on the how to part of submitting. This blog is more so for the the how to make the apps.
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    The more info out there the better, one small suggestion would be to use your own server instead of a free blog service...it just looks like you're taking it more seriously.
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    I guess I just liked how easy it was to setup with my Google account already, and it's free this way, which helps as well.

    And the RSS feed is the best part to me, because people can just stick the RSS in their bookmarks toolbar and a (1) will show up anytime there is a blog posting.
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    I'm going to check it out :)
    EDIT: It's a little bland imho but do-able. I guess I'm just a visual guy.
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    I've tried to get more images integrated in there, but blogger's image upload is pretty slow. Maybe I'll just host them elsewhere.
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    A new post is going up on linking with Interface Builder, anyone have any more suggestions for tutorials at any level of difficulty? I'm pretty open as to what the next posts will be about.
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    Awesome. I've also started something similar about a month ago (at http://www.uchidacoonga.com ). I'll put your link on my site. Maybe you can do the same for my site. And we can have sort of a blog-ring going with iPhone programming blogs.

    I read iPhone blogs for more than just tech info. It's interesting to see how people are progressing in their education.
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    I'll make a post about your blog and put it on the links on the side.

    Thanks! :)
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    I more or less have done this this past july. I didn't do code tutorials, but the dev process was pretty open from the start.

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    I've added you to my links on the right as well.

    I'm basically ready and willing to write a few more posts this weekend, I just need to think of some topics.
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    There's nothing wrong with a free blog service as long as it has good content. A Blogger site is real easy and will get lots of hits with proper marketing.

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