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Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by Ides, Aug 22, 2012.

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    A free app of mine just hit the app store, supported by iAds. I checked the profit details for iAds, and it says I've made a little money (few bucks). It also has data for a bunch of things, eCPM, Requests, Impressions, Fill Rate, iAd Fill Rate, and CTR. What do these mean? I can see that "requests" probably means simply how many adds have shown up, but I can't seem to make sense of the others.
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    To get a little more information about what they mean, just mouse over circled question mark next to the word "Performance" on the main iTunes Connect iAd page (where all the stats are given... it's right above the bar chart.)

    To get a lot more information about what they mean, click on "Help" at the bottom of any iTunes Connect page, then go to the iAd Network's section (it's mid way down on the left side.)

    If you still have questions, feel free to ask.

    (My two cents on ads in general: never bother using them. Relative to apps that cost $0.99 or more, they make a trivial amount of money. If you want to make money from your app, you need to charge for it either up front or through IAP (and it better be quite crippled without the IAP or people won't pay).

    If you're not actually interested in making money directly from the app, then why annoy your users with ads? They waste data and screen space, plus make your app look less attractive. It's like having a billboard on top of your house. Will ad companies pay you for it? Yeah. Do you want a billboard on top of your house? Probably not.
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    Thanks for the info. BTW, there's two versions of the app. One is paid w/ no ads. The free version has ads. If people don't want to see the ads the can upgrade.
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    Why don't you just create 1 version (since Apple doesn't like the LITE with ads vs pro anymore, at least, that's what I read) where you just have ads, and they can pimp to pro, to remove the ads, so they don't have an app called -> Awesome App Lite, but they pay for no ads, but it's still the lite, at least, that's what I would do..
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    This is actually a good idea. It also saves the user from re-downloading the same app - just for no adds.
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    Requests = total number of times your app has requested an ad.
    Impressions = number of times an ad has actually been delivered to your app and displayed.
    Fill Rate = % of requests that were filled with impressions.
    CTR = Click through rate. % of clicks that were clicked on by the user.
    eCPM = Amount of $ you have earned per 1000 impressions.
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    Ads work well in the sorts of apps that people are likely to return to regularly. Games, Twitter clients, etc.

    You probably won't earn more from Ads than $0.99 per download for the lifetime of the app, but it's likely that you'll get exponentially more users - so the total earnings can be greater.

    For novelty apps, where users are likely to use it a few times then forget about it, it's better to get the 0.99 straight up.
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    Out of curiosity, how is revenue determined based on number of impressions? Is it something like 1 cent per impression and then more per click?
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    It varies based on how much the company providing the ad gives. Typically it's around 0.01 cents per impression and 10-20 cents per click. I've seen some companies pay as much as 1 cent for impressions and $1 for clicks... Those are the ads for things like cruises.

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