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A Small Request

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by bobber205, Jan 31, 2006.

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    It shows up like this for me, which I'm pretty sure isn't right (at least, the text getting cut off part). Looks like a good start though. :)

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  3. Lau

    I just tried your site on my 12" PB screen, with a non maximised window (i.e. 800 or so width) and it's a bit corrupted. If I maximise the window, the site looks fine, but as I don't ever maximise I thought you should know. I've attached a couple of screenshots so you can see the problem.

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    Yes, part of "Winchester" is cut off unless you actually take the window and resize it to accommodate all of the text. Scrolling doesn't cut it, you have to resize. Besides that, it looks really nice.
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    Me too- it's much too wide (looks ok on a widescreen display but you should really design for 1024x768 max).

    You could make it so that the two blue borders are behind the centre banner (which I think is also a bit big). I notice you've got two background images set in your css- I'm not too hot on css but I think you might have to use the z-index style to tell the images which 'layer' to sit on.
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    Thanks for the positive comments about the site.

    What kind of stinks is that I spent a couple of weeks making this menu system, just to decide not to use it.. :)

    I'll make it shorter and post back when it's been changed.:D
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  8. Lau

    Wonky, but visible. :) It would be fine centered as opposed to left ranged.

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    If you don't mind sharing: what are you using to create this website?

    What is this website for?
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    This website is being done entirely in hand written code. :D

    I am the "webmaster" for my local FBLA chapter and when it's done it will be our contest site :D

    Just out of curiosity... what would you rate it out of 10?

    I'm going to make the whole nav bar smaller.
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    I'm meaning to spam... ;)

    The site has been updated again.

    All the images have been shrunk.

    How does it look now?

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