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A Team MacRumors Stats Page

Discussion in 'Distributed Computing' started by Stelliform, Apr 6, 2003.

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    What do you guys think about setting one up?

    Would Y'all be interested in having our own stats page?

    Do you think we should post it in the MacRumors Project forum and mabey draw in a few new members?

    I just want to get a feel for your thoughts.....
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    Definitely something worth having. I think it should be like the pages that have upcoming rivals and our closing speeds and that kind of thing. But yeah, should be something cool since we have so many people Folding now.
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    Its possible but 2 things limit you.

    a) Arn's Bandwitch.
    b) A good code to base the site on. I've seen some nice ones, statsmans image maker. The image is based on a 3 hourly system... another one for when you will catch up to a team. There is a nice table system at macnn and at overclockers you have a great member system.

    All things to think about.
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    Rower don't you want the best of All of the stats, sure macnn has some great stuff, but it must really own alot of CPU & bandwitch When it says it updates and when it acually does are 2 different times.
    I suppose it would use less if we had a macnn like stats page but it would only show our stats not other teams like theirs does...
    If you can do it Rower, Yo Da man!
    Parody off of 'Yoda man!'

    Macnn's User page is good, but then again, what do you want? Good user page? Comparison of nearby teams? A graph? etc..

    All things to consider.
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    Mr. Anderson

    But why do we need it? Its going to be a bit of work and what we arleady have is not too shabby.

    But hey, if you do it, that would be fantastic. Let me know if you want any graphics. And we could even try incorporating some flash... :D

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    Partly, I'm doing it just to see how it can be done. I'm doing so much PHP/MySQL these days that it's a natural side project.

    The way I see it is to do something more like this.

    With readouts of upcoming conquests and threats, our current production rate, member info, etc.

    Reinventing the wheel? Somewhat. But I think it will be good for the team. :)
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    nice job :D

    we're moving along nicely it seems...he he he ;)
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    The reason I posted the thread was to see how many of you felt like teabgs and duke. I agree that it is re-inventing the wheel. And I am with Rower. The stats that I care the most about are like the ones he pointed out. (Which haven't been updated since April 5th.)

    But on the flip side, should we as a powerhouse team, depend on the little guy's stat pages? And it sounds like fun. :)
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    I think of it more as leeching, statsman I don't feel guilt about using but using macnn's stats... well I feel guilty, they made such a good page... just not our team...

    Bah whatever. :rolleyes:

    If you can't do rower, no one can!
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    Another reason for our own stats page would be so that we contol it. My favorite Stat page at Extreme Overclocking has been down since Saturday. They mention the reason here.

    Seems that the guy who maintains the server is out of town, and the bad weather rolling through the south shut him down...

    If we maintained it, at least we could gripe to someone. :)
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    You posted the same link twice, the link for the reason is wrong...

    Oh well, if implemented and if several people get the power of update it would rule. :D
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    Thanks for the heads up, I have fixed it now.

    And if you don't feel like looking, Here is the correct address
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    Where do they get the stats from? Stanford doesn't list daily and hourly information. Are they just downloading the totals from Stanford and tabulating them to get rates, etc...I'm interested because I'm trying to write a program to do the same thing that monitors the progress of Folding on several levels. Any insights?
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    Stanford updates their stats pages hourly. It's up to people to collect the stats and calculate the rates, etc.

    You just have to go to the web pages and pull out the data from the surrounding HTML.
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    We should have a stats pages because then we can only blame ourselves.

    Statsman not updating, overclockers not updating. Using macnn stats that are only updated once a day... bah!
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    We should have a stats pages because then we can only blame ourselves.

    Statsman not updating, overclockers not updating. Using macnn stats that are only updated once a day... bah!

    If we had this, and didn't increase server load like what the server is doing to me now it would be great.
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    A Stats page would definitely be more trouble than we have now, but is anything worth having easy? :)

    I see Extreme Overcolocking's page is updating again. I am curious about our production. According to Macnn's page, we have plateaued for the last few days.
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    Our increase is output has slowed some, but we're still going up.

    We just cracked 25,000 points per week. :)
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    Mr. Anderson

    Where's that put us with regards to other teams around us.....it will probably be a while till we pass another team.

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    According to this page we won't pass anyone for just over a month.

    The point differentials are pretty big between us and teams ahead of us. (>25,000 points)
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    Basically, our current production level would eventually get us into the low 20's. With the way our production is increasing though, i would expect that to improve. Unfortunately though there's a rather large gap between us and team Germany (at 24th, the highest team with a lower output than us), so we won't be catching them for quite a while.

    For a visual representation of our production compared to nearby teams:

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    Ah yes statsman, they mostly accuratly predict that we will overtake in may/june which is true if you do the math correctly.
    Luckily we are fending off ABIT for a little while longer and General Mayhem we will see when the time comes.
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    My Fold code on teamstats tries for an update every 30 minutes. It checks the "data updated at" tag on each page, and only grabs a page if it is newer than before. In practice, Stanford seems to update only every three hours. If they ever speed their servers up, our code will follow the updates.

    Zeke, concerning rate tracking. Stanford and most other projects provide only a running total. It is up to us to take a snapshot, save it in a database, and do analysis over time. As of today, the teamstats database is over 3.2 GB of data for 58 teams across 5 projects.

    In addition to tracking MacRumors in Folding, we now track you in SETI also. teamstats.macnn.com/seti1/stats.php?TID=139691 - updated every 15 minutes. We do not track MacRumors in dFold, RC5-72, or D2OL. Ubero stats will be next, not sure about tracking there.

    For those looking for interteam comparisons, they have long been in the planning and our data definitions have allowed for that from the start. Unfortunately, the stats code has been in development for a long time, and I've not gotten to those modules yet. Sorry. :)

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