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a TRULY practical iPod feature idea

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by shadowfax, Oct 13, 2003.

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    as you al know, people have come up with a lot of far-fetched ideas for the iPod--from bluetooth file transfers to airport extreme compatibility to an internal speaker.

    but how about something that apple really should put in, just as pure common sense innovation based on the rest of their product line? wouldn't it be cool, i was just thinking, to have an ambient light sensor to control the backlight? does anyone know how big these are?

    i think apple should definitely incorporate this feature onto the iPod.
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    Laslo Panaflex

    I would ditch my current 15gig 3rd gen ipod to get one with that feature. I leave the backlight timer on always at the 2 second turnoff setting. That wears down the battery when the backlight isn't needed. Good idea
  3. job
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    sure, as long as you can control how long it stays on and if you can turn it off. i rarely use my backlight anyways. would you really need to have the backlight on for more than 2 seconds if all you want to do is change songs? i would think having the backlight constanly on would drain battery life and thus affect playback time.
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    Daveman Deluxe

    I want the iPod to display composer information if there is no artist information available. I listen to a lot of classical, and I generally leave the "Artist" field blank and fill in the "Composer". On the iPod, I'll see

    "Der mond kommt still gegangen"

    Listen Disc 4

    I would rather see

    "Der mond kommt still gegangen"
    Clara Schumann
    Listen Disc 4
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    naturally. i can't confirm this, but surely even on the 17 inch powerbook you can totally turn off the backlight? in any case, though, on the iPod you must definitely be able to set it to "always on" or "always off" or on a timer. i am just suggesting the addition of a "based on ambient lighting" setting--it'd be especially helpful to battery life to adjust the brightness of the backlight based on the lighting. it's way too bright, as it is. my iPod lights up a dark room at night. i can almost use it as a flashlight. hell, i can read by it! it's a real waste of battery from that perspective.
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    that would be a good idea, mine hurts my eyes whenever i turn it on in the dark it's so damn bright, but i'd rather it be too bright then not bright enough.
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    Very good idea Shadowfax! Sometimes I can't read where I am in the menu because the sun is shining on the display and the backlight is usually always on...

    Another feature is something to "write" on the ipod. To change your addressbook or calendar on the go. Some sort of LCD touchscreen which you click in the firewire port on top (2nd generation).
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    personally i think that apple should make some sort of all in one machine.

    Old iPod sized, with cell phone, pda, and ipod functions.

    Then I wouldn't have to carry around so many damn things at once.

    Then they can incoporate some sort of interac/debit card visa thing so i don't need my wallet anymore either.

    ahhh that would be grand.
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    hah, sounds like you're looking for a newton again :p
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    see, this is the kind of rumor/idea that i was referring to as impractical and unlikely--sure, it would be a practical device, but you've stopped talking about an iPod and begun talking about a "renaissance PDA" or something. apple is more than likely not going to do this, and even if they did, i wouldn't want it billed as an iPod, because i think the iPod has a specific purpose that this idea alters in a huge way. my idea, by contrast, was to come up with a feature addition that would be logical, fairly easy and intuitive to implement, but still very useful.
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    how about jsut simple recording capabilities? its not that iim lazy, im just an audible learner. i find it easier to commite information to memory when i hear it rather then read it. whether this would mean playing back notes i record myself or lectures in class...this is a feature that would help many a student.

    oh..and using it to record at an Arrogant Worms concert would be cool too
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    that is rumored to be an extra feature to be introduced thursday. i also heard that you could already do it through the earbud with a software hack of some sort
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    yeah, iPods already have the capability to record, heh. apple just won't implement it for some unknown, doubtless stupid reason. it's definitely a "TRULY" practical idea for an iPod, but not a new idea by any stretch of the imagination...
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    I know you can adjust the contrast on the iPod, isn't there a setting for the brightness? (of course I've only got a second-gen so results may not apply)
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    no, there is only an adjuster for contrast, unfortunately. adding a brightness adjuster would be another extremely useful feature.
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    Well, if Apple or another third party hardware vendor can make a plug in touchscreen for the ipod, it would be a Newton with (in my case) 20 gb harddrive!!

    And yes, I'm still looking for a Newton!

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