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ABC Player - Using Worldwide

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by HelixOmnimedia, Jan 31, 2011.

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    I work for Disney, and have been based in FL for almost a year, my job as taken me all over the states, so the ABC Player is a great app to help me keep up with all my favorite TV show, I never hVe time to watch on actual TV. In a couple of days I'll be going to NC - so it'll work up there, but then I'm moving to the UK for a couple of months contract over there before coming back, or if things go to plan help set something up in Australia.

    Now with all this wide world travel, and restrictions with broadcasting...

    Is there anyway I can make the ABC Player (not that bothered about Netflick) work while doing my travels?

    All you people are the best people to ask.
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    The last time I used the ABC streaming player it did not do an IP check so it should work fine from anywhere in the world. If they have started doing IP checks or if this policy is different in each region then you would need a VPN to "spoof" a U.S. IP to access the ABC stream from remote locations.
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    I've been using an paid USA vpn from strongvpn.com since the app came out. Works like an charm. 7 dollars per month.

    Kind regards.
    Vdpoorten from the netherlands
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    So anyone else in the UK can try this app and see if it works without the VPN.

    I'm now in North Carolina, heading to the UK if few weeks, I guess I just want answers before I leave here.
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    I just tried it for you. I'm based in the UK but have a US iTunes account setup. I installed the app and tried watching a video. It have me an "Out of the country" error message and wouldn't play. I do not have a VPN setup so can't test that out.
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    THANK YOU for trying. I'll look into getting a VPN, can't set it up until I'm in the UK. I hope it works if not I'll just need to waiting until I'm back or hope that the UK channels aren't that far behind.
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    That disconnects you after a few minutes.

    Just though, if you've got a home network, or someone you know has a home network, get them to set up a VPN which you can use whilst abroad ;)
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    I don't, all the places I've stayed over here, I've been renting, and the connection comes part with the apartment, so I don't technically "own" the internet connection.
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    Well if you know someone who is reasonably tech savvy that could do this back in the states that would work.

    Have you been able to watch ABC whilst here then?
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    While here in the US, yeah nearly every day I tune in at some point to catch up on shows I've missed because I've been working. This is what I'm going to miss doing, its like a daily routine and wondering what to do if it doesn't work. hahaha.

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