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Absolute nooblet needs tutorials, walkthrough advice

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by crabpirate, Apr 13, 2008.

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    Hi hi hi :)

    I have logic studio 8, reason 4, and ableton live 7 but don't know anything about music. don't even play any instruments! but willing to learn keyboard. anyway any walkthroughs for someone to use these apps? i've read the documentation but its 100% catered to someone who already knows what advanced audio is. I'm looking for a site that features one of the apps above and walks you through making your own tunes!!! thanks for any advice.:)

    btw I want to avoid learning anything with garageband. I have these killer apps for a reason!!
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    Learning how to do things in Logic, Reason and Ableton, without any prior musical knowledge is like learning to drive in a Lamborghini except worse - it is just not going to happen.

    Start in Garage Band, learn basics on the keyboard/piano and work slowly upwards. You can't just learn everything from tutorials - or else we'd have Brian Enos popping up all over the place...
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    wow, that's quite a sacrifice.

    a keyboardist.
  4. bov
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    actually i think its more like learning how to fly a spaceship. :rolleyes:

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