Access iDisk with iPhone?

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by Mikey B, Jul 13, 2008.

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    Mikey B

    So, I guess you can't access your iDisk on your iPhone? I was really hoping that I could. I'm not expecting to be able to edit spreadsheets or anything, but it sure would be great to view work documents on my iPhone when out of the office. I thought that was going to be part of the MobileMe feature set...

    Is there a way to do this that somehow went over my head?
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    You can access your iDisk with the Safari web browser.
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    I'm sure this will eventually be a jailbreak feature, but I'm a little disappointed too.

    At the very least, I was hoping I'd be able to edit iWork docs on any computer via the web. Create a doc in iWork, save it to an Work folder on your iDisk, and then you have full web access to those docs similar to Google docs.

    This would have been a killer app for me! I don't even mind that it's not on the iPhone, but it would be nice to have the web access. It would be enough to get me to buy iWork, and it would be enough to keep me from waffling on whether or not to renew mobileme every year, as I usually did with dotMac
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    You can? All I get on the iPod is a mobile splash page saying that I can access MobileMe mail, contacts etc from other apps. Granted, I checked before I updated to 2.0, and since it's still updating, I can't check for a while.
  5. McGiord, Jul 13, 2008
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    I don't have MobileMe yet, but I'm planning to get it soon.

    What about the mobileMe web client?
    Can't you access it with the iPhone's Safari web browser?
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    It redirects to a special iPhone splash page which tells you that you can access your mobileme services through your other iPhone apps.

    At least, that's what it did on 1.1.4. When I finish the 2.0 update, I'll try again.

    edit: Dang I need a new mac. USB 1.0 is going to be the death of me. Still waiting for my content to be restored to the iPod Touch so I can test 2.0, had to put a post-it note on the status bar to see if it's actually moving. Anyone want to buy a G4 Quicksilver? :)
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    Mikey B

    you can't. you just get the splash page.

    hopefully there will be an app that will allow access to the idisk or apple will allow you to get in through the mobile browser some point in the future.
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    I realise that this thread is a couple of weeks old, but I've just successfully accessed my iDisk on my iphone just by going straight to{username} on my beloved new iPhone. HTH (some people at least :) )
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    Yes, but can you download items stored on your iDisk? I'm having trouble doing so. (I don't see an option to download files.)
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    I see the download option. It's a round button with a downward pointing arrow on the far right of the screen, in each "row" where your items are. Unfortunately, it does nothing when I tap it on the iPhone .

    I don't think it's officially supported on the iPhone. Probably just a loose end Apple forgot to tie-up and stop us from getting in through the iPhone.
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    It won't help though right now even if it did work, because there is nowhere to download the files to.
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    makes me miss WM

    Yet another example of a major feature flaw/omission and why this device is burdensome for business. WM makes this very simple and well integrated into the os.
  13. McGiord, Aug 1, 2008
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    Folks you can not access the files from your iPhone. Yes, I know the button is there but when you press it, nothing happens.
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    Accessing iDisk via iPhone 3G

    YOU can access AND Download things from your iDisk, but you CANNOT use the 'new' features which bring up a dialog box where you can eMail the Link to other people or send then a Note along with the file...
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    There are also several apps in the AppStore that lets you access the files, copy them between the phone and idisk. I use MobileFiles.
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    Its just not good enough!


    I am getting increasingly annoyed with this damn phone.

    Can you access and open files on iDisc directly from the iPhone without using third party software or not?

    If you can, how do you do it?

    Bloody thing.
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    My gosh... It's a PHONE

    My gosh... It's a PHONE

    Apple has to save some features for their new (and one of a kind) "Netbook / Phone"
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    a posisble alternative

    This solution works but sort of duplicates the iDisk function.

    You may want to look into the iPhone app called soonr. They provide a way to download files from their "soonr" equivalent of iDisk onto the iPhone, and also provide tools to read these files on the iPhone.

    What you can do is map the soonr "disk" that should be on your computer to the iDisk on your computer. This will send the iDisk files to the soonr server and from there onto your iPhone.
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    There used to be a free app called MobileFiles that let you access your MobileMe files from the iPhone. It's been renamed Quickoffice and changed a bit, but I have the old version and it works great for me.
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    The app Mobile Files does this fine...

    Great for cheating on exams.

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