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(Accessibility menu) Can't assign a gesture to a setting like SB Settings?

Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by patent10021, Oct 25, 2011.

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    I like the potential of the accessibility options. Almost like SB settings.

    There is a stock gestures menu and a favorites menu to create your own gestures.

    I'm trying to understand how creating your own gestures is convenient if you cannot assign your own settings to them like SB Settings.

    So close, yet so far. How did they miss the boat on this? Or maybe I've missed the boat? Is there something I'm not doing right?
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    I feel exactly the same! Also, I wish they'd implement settings to allow us to reassign button clicks -- I mean, I have trouble double-clicking the home button, and triple-clicking is nigh on impossible, yet triple-click is what I need to do to quick change the accessibility settings. *sigh* Makes me wonder if they actually had a mobility impaired person try out this system.
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    Well I'm not impaired physically, might be mentally nutso ;) but I thought that these features/this menu would be beneficial to other people as well if it simply had the capability of assigning gestures to most used settings etc. It even says "most used" on the accessibility menu but it's pretty useless when you can't assign anything your own gestures to it IMHO.

    OR there's the other menu with stock Apple settings on there like rotation lock and sound levels etc. Why the heck can't we put our own settings on that menu? (Like Safari tool bar).

    But you know ultimately, this capability should be placed in the message center because it's so easy to swipe down to access things (like SB Settings)

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    Typical well-intentioned but clueless approach to accessibility. Like you say, many features that benefit the physically impaired also benefit non-impaired users as well, but instead of integrating features so that the entire experience becomes easier for everyone, they set out a few special features especially for the handicapped, then hide them away in some hard-to-find corner in the menu system. The icon menu for system functions is a great idea, but it takes so many clicks and taps to get there! Unless you keep the accessibility gestures on all the time, with that huge white button in the corner, which bugs me even on the iPad, but on the iPhone it is impossible, because I keep on unintentionally touching it all the time. :(
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    Yeah they need to add these accessibility settings to the same area as message center (or maybe the opposite swipe up from bottom) and let everyone put their favorite settings up there (max of 8 = 2 rows of 4) would be plenty. In the same area you'd have the same optional accessibility options for the folks who need them. Custom gestures etc (which could also be assigned to settings).

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