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Accessing Win2000 Server

Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by madamimadam, Feb 17, 2002.

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    Hey, just having trouble accessing a shared folder on a Win2000 machine.

    Working on the basis that the Workgroup is called ACSIS and the machine I am trying to access is called ACSIS1 and the shared folder is Acsis On Acsis1
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    The best way to access the server is to have it as part of an Appletalk zone. Then you can simply get to it from the connect to server menu selection. I have done this multiple times, and KNOW that it works. You can configure the win2k server to act as a domain controller (if you don't already have one). It also goes without saying that you need to have services for Apple installed on the server.

    Which varient on win2k server are you running??? Standard or advanced??
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    I know I am running Win2k Pro and the AppleTalk is on (use it to print) BUT I have never looked into the controller, how it works and how it is set, just know it is installed.
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    I was under the assumption that the win2k machine you were accessing was set up as a server (win2k server, not pro).

    I have yet to try and share any folders on a desktop peecee to a Mac. That is what servers are for.
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    Sorry, my bad
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    Yeah... considering the title of the thread has Server in it :D

    I have been thinking about trying to share a folder on my game peecee, but just haven't yet. I contacted Epson last week, and was informed that the external print server that they sell for a lot of their inkjet printers (like my C80) will work with OS X. You might need to set it up under either OS 9 or off of a peecee, but you can go to it from within OS X. I am just waiting for them to get some more in stock, since everyone else that is selling them has jacked the price up.

    I also bet that they killed Kenny... those BASTARDS!!! LOL :D
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    Where does it say server?
    ;) ;)
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    Scroll up to the top of this page.... This is a direct copy/paste... "Accessing Win2000 Server"

    See where the confusion can come in???
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    I have worked it out, it was the name of the folder that was the problem. The folder had a shared name of "Acsis on Acsis1" and it seems that the network could not handle the spaces because when I made a blank folder and called it "test" and went to "go to server" and typed in "smb://ACSIS1/test" up came the box with the info necessary to access that folder.
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    The **wink wink** was because I quickly changed the subject name I read what you wrote except I only changed the subject on my entering message not the thread name.
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    Ensign Paris

    At work we have 2 £80000 Compaq/Ditital Windows2k Servers and to access then from OSX machines we Connect to Server and then type smb:// and if we are in OS9 we have ftp turned on the servers and we access them with Transmit.

  12. abe
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    Go and get "Dave" or "Sharity".

    You've probably already spend a few hours solving this problem. Buying the software would be much cheaper and it works ...
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    are you serious?

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    Spaces in shares.

    I didn't think it was possible to put spaces in sharenames. It used to give you a warning. It is definitely true that some computers cannot handle spaces in NT type shares.

    Take those spaces out and you'll be fine using it under samba.

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    Simply adding the Apple services to the servers would be easier, well maybe easier, but far cheaper. It is included on the cd that has the server OS on it. It is not always pre-loaded, but it is available. Just have your server admin take care of it (slap him if he gives you any grief about it). At that point, you should be able to access the servers via the chooser as well as the connect to server, without typing in the IP address. Also, if you don't yet have an Appletalk zone set up, you can have one of the servers create it.

    I always go for the easier method to get to servers, and if you spend several thousands of $$ or £ on them, you should be able to get to them no matter what computer you are using. I did this one time when I was experimenting with building a server. Considering how it was my first attempt, it wasn't too difficult. There is online documentation to assist with it, if not built into win2k server. I do know that the win2k advanced server has Apple services automatically loaded before you finish the setup.

    m$ got that right at least, if not much else. :D
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    How is it cheaper when the answer to the problem cost no money and the same problem COULD have occured under Dave and Sharity because of the nature of it.

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