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Accessing XP and OS X files

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by baby duck monge, Apr 5, 2006.

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    baby duck monge

    Does this mean that as long as you format the Windows partition using FAT you can access your Windows files in OS X? What about vice-versa?
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    Windows won't recgonize the OS X drive.It won't even show up..
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    baby duck monge

    But the OS X drive will let you access the Windows files (as long as you format in FAT)? Because if this is true, you just have to plan ahead a bit better before restarts, but at least you can get to your stuff.
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    not without macdrive.


    been using it in the previous xp onmac solution and it worked like a charm.
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    Actually I think you can format as NTFS but you can only Read from the Windows XP partition. Basically, you can't edit files or delete them.

    Using FAT32 lets you do everything but I think there's a cap on how big your partition can be (32GB I think).
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    Pardon while I reveal my ignorance regarding the crossover compatibility, since I haven't attempted any sharing between platforms, but wouldn't a 2Gig flashdrive, or the like, provide a recognized shared space for both OS's?

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    I made a 50GB partition for XP using FAT32

    [edit] edit that..It's NTFS [/edit]
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    Yes, that would work well. Just format the drive in Windows XP and you're set. It's also handy to have you're files with you so double bonus! :D
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    baby duck monge

    So if I got an Intel Mac and formatted a 30gig section for XP in FAT using boot camp, I could manipulate all my files from anywhere if I had macdrive?
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    yes, i do it all the time. icon previews even work, from xp of my mac partition.

    though i am hesitant to do some things, like use picassa across partitions. though i'll probably try it though...

    picassa is google's iphoto type thingie. it doesn't keep a library as much as iphoto does, it just keeps refrences.

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    baby duck monge

    Thanks a lot. That is so good to know... and another reason that they need to hurry up and come out with those Intel iBooks!
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    There is also a 4GB cap PER FILE in FAT so no DVD images for anyone!
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    theres no point just burn cds

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