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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by idea_hamster, Jul 26, 2005.

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    Hey all.

    I do some hobby video editing, mostly for friends. I was thinking of adding a production monitor. My basic intentions are better color correction, increased working screen space and to be better able to work with PAL format.

    Does anyone have any guidance that they can share?

    I was looking at a Sony model at B&H that is NTSC/PAL and has a FireWire input. How would that get hooked up -- or is that only for a feed straight from a DVcam?

    The other inputs are listed as follows:
    Composite Video- BNC (x 2 input, 2 output)
    S-Video- 4-Pin (x 1 input, 1 output)
    Sync- BNC(x 1 input, loop out)
    Audio- RCA (x 1 input, 1 output)
    Remote-8-Pin Modular (x 1 input)
    Power- 4-Pin XLR (x 1 input)

    Any thoughts?
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    What's the model number and what's your budget? You really can't go wrong w/a Sony b'cast monitor.

    I would assume you could just run FW right out of your Mac into the monitor.

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    The model number is PVM-9L3. It's only 9 inches, but I saw the plusses as (1) Sony quality and (2) NTSC/PAL capable.

    This was a demo, so it's only $589. I'm not going to run out and buy it right away and I'd probably have a little heart-to-heart with them about how much demo time it really has on it.

    As far as budget, I think that $500 is definitely in range and $750 starts to make me balk unless features justify.
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    Unless you needed the portability I would go w/a 13" or 14" monitor. 9" is a pretty small screen, and it's hard sometimes to tell what looks good and what doesn't (especially when it comes to focus).

    Sony's entry level b'cast monitor, the PVM-14L1, is $489 @ b&h.

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    Wow -- I totally missed that one!

    Bigger, cheaper and NTSC/PAL. That's just what the doctor ordered (or in this case, the lawyer :D ).

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    Please excuse my ignorance but what exactly is a production monitor used for? I see some of these reasonably high end video cameras that have small monitors and I'm wondering if thats more for viewing how the output would look possibly on a TV or what.

    Thank you
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    You just answered it your self, it provides what the end footage is going to look like as so it can be used for color correcting and etc.

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